Passed year results: the future is bright

ADAMANT Messenger
Jan 7 · 2 min read

Another year of work on ADAMANT has passed.

“The Team creates a messenger that has no precedents. The work is connected to many technical solutions, and each of them is a trail through a mysterious forest. Even a small function familiar to classic messengers requires a detailed study and new approaches. But we see a clear path to the decentralized Internet and follow it. ” — Alexei Lebedev, CEO of ADAMANT TECH LABS.

We have done a lot of work. To estimate the scope, have a look at the list:

  • Listings on coin integrators resources
  • Block Explorer redesign
  • Enhancing ADAMANT infrastructure
  • ADAMANT 2FA release
  • Feature for storing and transferring Lisk tokens in-chat
  • Feature for storing and transferring DOGE in-chat
  • Search-through messages
  • Web-app redesign
  • Notifications in Web-app
  • Feature for storing and transferring Dash in-chat
  • Themes (dark theme)
  • Exchange rates service
  • Feature for storing and transferring KuCoin Shares in-chat
  • Exporting of Private keys (iOS)
  • Messages in push notifications (iOS)
  • Chatrooms API release (node 0.5.1)
  • Reading and sending messages via Console
  • ADAMANT in Tor
  • Web app 2.0 release
  • Node API Specification
  • Bots on ADAMANT blockchain
  • Anonymous crypto exchanges on the ADAMANT platform
  • Bet Bot on crypto rates
  • Forging pool software update
  • Partnership with Stably and Stably Dollar integration
  • Feature for storing and transferring Dash in-chat (iOS)
  • Apps for Mac and Windows
  • App for GNU/Linux
  • Chatrooms API demo for Android
  • JavaScript API Specification
  • Ability to create own Exchanger
  • Web app 2.3.0 release
  • Partnership with Resfinex and ADM/USDT listing
  • Feature for storing and transferring BTC in-chat

We made extensive plans for the upcoming 2020, and the ADAMANT Messenger will become better, faster, more convenient — step by step. It’s just it — if you work on a project, it will prosper.

We really need your support. If you want to speed up development, make a donation or buy ADM tokens.

Happy New Year 2020!

Donation addresses

Bitcoin: 1NJKJDUhPVYTLWhE7DXm6a3g7PqhsacaMz

Bitcoin Cash: qqzyy88lxqhf6cnc722wzfyfwhnzu8qtdqgr07grg2

Ethereum: 0x5f66C2FbA4dd54758b7243d3e181100aA4154ae8

Dash: XkViPPk6qaN5r2cBdLmqR2XsT7AgJofExY

Doge: DEwy6Q2rBH3nE6CCW3TB7G1gVuKHe7XMho

ADAMANT: U1973842998847463129

Relax. You are safe now.

ADAMANT Messenger

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The most secure and anonymous messenger, encrypted with Blockchain

Relax. You are safe now.

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