AURORA art, no not the one in space

a GIF. a painting, a negative, filters, digital iterations and some of her music

Aurora Art GIF with a series of images derived from an original artwork shown below — © Amy Adams Art 2016

Whilst working music accompany’s me and sometimes the musicians become a basis for some artworks or sometimes the subjects of my portraits. Last year like many other people I started to listen to Aurora a young Norwegian singer and songwriter with a unique gift. Many of her works are dark and moody, yet she looks so childlike and innocent. This is what inspired me to create a work that would capture and express a little bit of the darkness in a portrait.

Her look in this video was the inspiration for the portrait art -

So, a mixed media work was created using paper, paint, conte crayon, carbon and pastels — there was no darkness captured only an innocent looking girl who almost looks like her.

Portrait, acrylic painting on kraft paper with conte crayon (approx 70/50cm), © Amy Adams Art 2016

This was then remixed and remastered into various digital iterations through layering, digital painting & editing, as well as neural network filters. A few of the digital images were combined to create the GIF shown up top. Because I like to experiment with various mediums, I also created a BW negative from one of the images that I fractured and manipulated to create some experimental prints. The negative itself had to be printed on 2 separate transparent sheets due to the size. In and of themselves, they were more successful than the print on fabric, it was too printed with the wrong colour and underexposed — still they can be used to create more experiments.

top part of negative © Amy Adams Art 2016
lower portion of negative © Amy Adams Art 2016
New Media artwork derivitive work based on the painted portrait shown above © Amy Adams Art 2016

About Aurora

She’s been on tour moving through space and bringing her work to people all over the world. In fact she started to write her songs at a very young age. Her first song was written at the age of 9 and in her first performance at school in the 10th grade (recording on youtube linked below), sang this song — I Had a Dream.

I Had a Dream

written by Aurora Aksnes

Tonight I had a dream that we were fighting 
Cause we had different ways in wrong rhyme
And as the words went out and you were shouting
I saw there would be no peace in here tonight

Then I dreamt we both lost in the end
Well, you proved your point but now you’ve lost a friend
The light we used to live has reached the end
And we both want to smile back, though I pretend
Oh I pretend

[Chorus] Ah, oh I had a dream…. I had a dream…. But it all just seemed so real

But it all seems to be longing for this glory
To get fame and fortune of our own
But will we, in the end, be satisfied
When we’re living in our glory, all alone?

And this night I had a dream that we were running
Running far away from our mistakes
We were blaming others for the wrongs we made
And then we were down, you see, we’ve lost the one we paid

[Chorus] Ah, oh I had a dream…. I had a dream…. Oh, I had this dream…. But it all just seemed so real

One night I had a dream a man came to this woman
She was standing in the way and he was drunk
And every Monday morning she was frightened
When the man drove far away inside his truck

But tonight I had a dream that we were just watching
All devastating things this world came at
We could feel the lightness way over here
But when it didn’t us concern, we didn’t care

No we wouldn’t lift a finger for the lost ones
We wouldn’t give money to the poor
Our happiness has come in shape of gold
And we forget what’s truly worth living for

[Chorus] Ah, I had a dream…. I had a dream…. Oh, I had this dream…. But it all just seemed so real

It seemed so real
Just seemed so real
It seemed so real I have these dreams and they seem so real
And they seem so much more to me than just dreams….

My favourite songs by Aurora are the Murder Song and Winter Bird

You can find more of Aurora’s music on soundcloud. Hope you will give her music a listen.

You can see more of my art on my website My work includes paintings, drawings, new media and mixed media works. I also accept commissions.

Various iterations of artwork based on the portrait art based on Aurora © Amy Adams Art 2016

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About The Author

Amy Adams is a fine artist (MFA Painting — University of Art & Design Cluj-Napoca [Academia de Arte Vizuale Ion Andreescu]) living and working out of Cluj-Napoca, Romania. She is passionate about the visual arts and music.

You can connect with her on your choice of social media outlets including — Twitter, LinkedIn, Instagram, Pinterest or Facebook — get contact info on her website.

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