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Adam’s Notebook

Sir Gawain and the Green Eggs

Þat Sir-Gawan, þat Sir-Gawan;
I do not lyk þat Sir-Gawan
“And dost thou lyk grene eygges ond ham?”
I do not lyk þem Sir-Gawan!
“Wold ye lyk þem at Camylot?”
Wold I lyk þem? I wold not!
Not in þe chapel, not with a ryng
Not wiþ a girdle nor onyþing
Not shold ye cleave my hede fra nek:
I do not lyk þem, no, by hek!
“But would ye try them once, for me?”
Ond if I do, youle lett me bee?
Then I woll try þem Sir-Gawan.
I do lyk þem all-after!
Gladlie þem embracing:
Wait til I tell Arthor —
For þey are ham-azing.



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Adam Roberts

Adam Roberts

Writer and academic. London-adjacent.