How To: DIY Hockey Goal Mount for GoPro

Adam Armstrong
Dec 21, 2017 · 6 min read

It was just a matter of time before the two passions in my life, hockey and technology, would finally meet. I’ve seen numerous goalies record video of them playing from various places on the ice and decided I wanted to do the same.



  1. ‘In Goal’. This, by far, provides the best video to learn from but it is obviously the most dangerous location.

So…#2 it is…and now to find a way to protect my camera.


Material & Product Selection


Akaso EK7000
  • Various video qualities: 1080p/60 fps, 1080p/30 fps, 4k/30 fps, and more.
  • 90 min battery life
  • Waterproof and fog-proof case, extra battery, charger, and 30+ mounts
  • All included for $70. Winner!

Metal Box:


The puck was at rest before it was hit, the puck was about 40 ft away from the goalie, and the puck accelerated at a constant rate.

What we know:

  • m (puck) = 6 ounces = 0.17 kg
  • vo = 0 m/s
  • vf = 108.8 mph (fastest slap shot ever recorded in NHL) = 48.6 m/s
  • t = 0.5 s
  • d = 40ft = 12.192 m


  • a = (vf — vo) / t = (48.6–0) / 0.5 = 97.25 m/s²
  • F = ma = .17(97.25) = 16.53 N

There were several directions I could go here but this one proved to be versatile in regards to ‘covers’, strong welded steel box, and affordable at $2.10 (Home Depot)

4 in. Square Welded Box, 2–1/8 Deep with 1/2 and 3/4 in. TKO’s


4 in. Square Exposed Work Cover for Single 20A Round Device


I found this at Hobby Lobby for $3.99

2" x 12" x 12" Premium Poly Foam Pad

Put it together


  • It was at this point I realized that having the camera forced in so tight was causing the power, record, and stop buttons to accidently get pressed. So, as you can see in the pic above, I removed the retainer clip and power button. This of course means I would have to power on and start recording before I put in the case and then metal box. But I dont see this as an issue as I will set-it and forget-it. I’m going to get hit by pucks and wont have time to mess with the camera until afterwards.


  • Then I knocked out 2 holes on the top and added a double-sided velcro strap — to use to attach to goal post and netting inside the goal.

Wrapping it all up

Prepare Metal & Paint:

  • Used (White) Rust-Oleum Clean Metal Primer Spray Paint and applied several layers.

Final Product:


Full Parts List:

Total Price: $25.94

Adam T Armstrong

Mobile Developer and IT Manager