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Most Versatile Goalie Pants Ever!


I started playing Goalie when I was 7 years old. I was born and raised in Texas, so until the Dallas Stars came to town my only option was Roller Hockey. Upon the Stars arrival, and the influx of Ice Rinks, I transitioned to Ice Hockey and have played both ever since. I played 2 years for the University of Texas at Arlington until destroying my knee when it was wrapped behind my head and around a goal-post. After a few years of recovery I got back to the ice and today I still play (at 39 yrs young) in a few leagues and coach Squirts/Pee Wee’s at the Dallas Stars Frisco location.


Over the years I have tried many styles. Frist ‘Standup’, then ‘Butterfly’, and finally settling on ‘Hybrid’ (think Dominik Hasek). I am only 5' 8" (on skates) so trying to cover the most realestate in goal is a challenge and I have to rely on my skating agility, stick-handling, and quick-glove hand.

The Problem

As I have gotten older — having the best protection has become even more important than before. The last year or two I found myself getting more hip bruises — mostly due to my “Hasek-Roll” antics.

Explanation of a ‘Hasek Roll’: Hasek Roll — Textbook Execution (multi-angle) — YouTube

I’ve tried many different style’s of pants of the years. Goalie pants tend to be too big and bulky and slowed me down. Forward pants were lighter but didnt cover as well. I never really found the ‘Happy-Medium’. Until…..

The Solution

After reading a LOT of reviews — I finally made the purchase and decided to give ‘Warrior’ a chance. I bought their ‘Warrior Sr. Ritual X Hockey Goalie Pants’ and it has proven to be the single-handed best piece of gear I have ever purchased.

Warrior Sr. Ritual X Goalie Pants

The Difference

  • Light-weight & still protective.
  • Flexibilty. Their hip-flexor panels give me the ultimate agility to perform my ‘Hasek-Rolls’
  • Internal belt. I cant stress this one enough — it provides me the ability to play with my chest-guard ‘tucked’ or ‘un-tucked’.
  • Integrated knee pad supports. I constantly struggled with my knee pads falling (again — mostly due to my ‘Hasek-Roll” style of play) and these pants provide the supports to keep them up.
Chest-Guard ‘tucked’


These pants have made this old-man play more like his younger years and most importantly provides more protection. I wish I had these back in college; I might have made it further (ok — probably not).


Pants —

Knee Pads —



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