Acquire new customers with Dynamic Prospecting Ads

One of the top requests we had from both customers and prospects was for ways to help them grow their store traffic and acquire new customers. The reason is that although retargeting is really effective, it has a limit based on your store traffic. And in order to grow your store traffic, you need something else, you need “Prospecting”.

Now adaplo will launch campaigns to acquire new store visitors, consumers that have never been in your store. And in doing so, adaplo will use all available campaign types on both Google AdWords (in-market, contextual, similar audiences) and Facebook (lookalike).

Our new solution, “Prospecting”, is fully aligned with our core product values which are simplicity and performance. On the simplicity front, with no manual work you are getting fully sophisticated campaigns and all optimisations happen automatically. On the performance front, our core bidding engine makes sure that you are getting the best ROAS.

Customers that have used “Prospecting” in the pilot phase have seen up to 22% lower CPC and got up to 46.6% of the ROAS of retargeting campaigns.

We believe you can really benefit from this kind of performance.

Till next time,

Gerasimos, CEO adaplo