Easily Audit your Google Shopping Campaigns

While talking with e-commerce store owners and their agencies at IRCE 2017, we kept getting questions about Google Shopping campaigns. And this no coincidence as Shopping Campaigns are one of the main growth drivers for e-commerce stores. They get 75% of the search budget of sophisticated retailers (source: Merkle Digital Quarterly report Q2 2017) and have increased their share of total store orders by 160% in the last 2 years

But while getting great results from Product Listing Ads is feasible, it is easier said than done! Standard AdWords (non-Shopping) campaigns are difficult to manage and require significant effort to deliver great results. Google Shopping campaigns are x3 more difficult as you get increased complexity (Product Groups), technical requirements (feeds and Google Merchant Center) and need for fast changes (as you are dealing with frequent changes of SKUs, inventory and prices). So it is quite common to run Shopping Campaigns and know that you are missing on optimisation opportunities.

In order for you to be able to quickly spot untapped opportunities on your Shopping Campaigns, we built Google Shopping Performance Grader. Shopping Grader is a free web-tool that you can use to perform an audit of your Shopping campaigns in less than 1 minute! It analyses the performance of your campaigns across 9 different dimensions and delivers a beautifully designed PDF report. The report presents your score and shows the details of the analysis along with actionable findings.

During the beta testing of Grader we have seen it being used by store owners that wanted to audit their campaigns, campaign managers looking for the next optimisation opportunity and agency Account Managers that wanted to present an account audit with their pitch.

We plan to enhance Grader in many areas in the next months based on the product usage and user feedback, so if you have any ideas on how we can make it better, please email me at gerasimos@adaplo.com.

Check how your campaigns are performing at grader.adaplo.com.

keep rocking,

Gerasimos, CEO adaplo

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