Adaptiv News : Welcome to the French Tech Ecosystem

We are delighted to announce that Adaptiv.Me is now a member of Tarmac, an official incubator of the French Tech In the Alps — Grenoble community.

Welcome to la French Tech

This is the country that responded to the oil crisis in the 1970s with the catchy slogan “In France, we don’t have oil, but we have ideas.” A slogan that indicates the country’s hunger for innovation and new ideas, and its willingness to support new initiatives. Ideally placed in the heart of Europe’s economy, France is a fertile ground for startups : government support, a vibrant ecosystem that encourages innovation, multiple sources of public and private funding, tax advantages for startups…

In addition to the known advantages, our co-founders have a unique insight in the Indo-French startup relations, as well as the French education system, making it a natural choice for them to explore the French Tech programme, a unique and vibrant community of entrepreneurs, investors, policy makers and community builders, that spreads over 100 cities, including our own home base, Bangalore!

The Journey to Tarmac

After serious consideration over the ideal location for to grow as a company and make the biggest impact on young people across the world, we finally settled on Grenoble. Home to a dynamic and enterprising community of students and young professionals, Grenoble is a vibrant city that is known for innovation and its many successful startups.

The Grenoble startup ecosystem has recently won the Community Fund for the third consecutive year for its initiative to help international startups set up in the region, the French Alps International Softlanding Exchange (FAISE,) which is also supported by Invest in Grenoble Alpes and the incubator, Tarmac Inovallée.

Tarmac has hosted over 90 projects since its inception in 2014, and we are really excited to be a part of this community, and receive their support in obtaining the official acceptance letter from the Direction Générale des Entreprises of the French Ministry of Finance and Economy, recognising as an innovative business project, under the aegis of the French Tech programme.

Next Steps

After attending the first Masterclass organised by FAISE, along with selected startups from Canada and Taiwan, we are now counting down to our arrival in Tarmac Inovallée in 2021, to take to the next level!

On your marks! Get set, go!



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