Adaptiv Signs The European Commission Pact For Skills

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2 min readDec 3, 2021


We are happy to announce that Adaptiv has signed the Pact for Skills launched by the European Commission in 2020 towards upskilling and reskilling the youth in preparation for an ever-changing labour market.

The new economy is marked by continuous evolution of technologies, an ever-changing political landscape leading to socio-economic disruptions, and climate changes, all of which have been compounded by the pandemic. Governments and organizations are scrambling to address the problem of the ever-changing landscape leading to problems of skills gap and unemployment.

The existing skills gap is expected to lead to losses of up to 11.5 trillion USD in global GDP by 2028, and is already a cause of great concern across the world. While millions of youth are facing unemployment and mountains of debt incurred through expensive education and an increasingly competitive market, industries are bemoaning the lack of skilled candidates and facing shortage of qualified staff.

Research conducted by the OECD, the WEF and ILO indicate that nearly 50% of the jobs for which students are training today are at a high risk of being automated in the next decade.

What does this mean for Generation Z getting ready to enter the job market?

At Adaptiv, we are committed to building a solution that empowers students and young professionals with the durable skills required to update their knowledge of specialized, perishable skills required by the emerging industries:

🚀 A high learning agility required to constantly update their skills, and apply existing knowledge to new situations.

🚀 Critical skills required to evaluate problems and take decisions optimized for the benefit of the organization

🚀 Communication skills required to communicate efficiently with team members spread across the globe in an era of remote work and online communication.

🚀 Creativity to innovate and come up with unique solutions for problems

🚀 Digital skills to enable them to efficiently use digital tools and platforms used in more than 80% of jobs across industries.

As a part of our commitment to provide upskilling opportunities to students and young professionals, we are building a knowledge graph that will track emerging trends and skills requirements across industries, and help them identify the most promising career paths for a future-proof professional life.

We are also partnering with educational institutions, organizations and experts in different fields to offer exclusive 101 courses to enable students to learn about the emerging industries and acquire other soft skills needed to succeed in the new economy.

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