Upskilling, or the acquisition of new skills is critical for personal and professional development. Technology has created new opportunities, and opened a world of possibilities for career development, but the tectonic shift in the workplace due to rapid innovations have made it important for the workforce to broaden their skills set, and build a skills portfolio that encompasses skills across industries.

Learning new skills also requires a certain cultural shift and change in attitude. To be successful in the new economy, professionals must have a high learning agility, and a willingness to work in cooperation with technology. Along with a high degree of adaptability, you need to have a global perspective, critical thinking, excellent communication skills, as well as an above average competency in technology and data analysis. The new economy requires that professionals have the ability to upskill and reskill constantly to keep up with a remarkably fast-paced, fluid marketplace where boundaries between the tech and non-tech world are increasingly blurred.

101 Courses, the popular nomenclature for introductory courses in college, help learners get a basic understanding of the subject. Research has shown that College 101 courses have a positive impact on learner motivation and professional development. The same can be repeated in the professional world, enabling workers to quickly acquire new skills and update their knowledge. This has multiple advantages:

🚀 Boosting confidence by increasing their horizons to include new tools and technologies which are changing the way we work.

🚀 Increasing productivity by ensuring that people know how to work with technology, instead of being replaced by technology.

Critics might argue that 101 courses only provide a superficial knowledge of a subject, which isn’t enough for application in the professional world. But in the current technology driven economy, where digital transformation & automation are replacing jobs every year, and leading to the creation of new roles, it is vital for people to be proficient in multiple skills, especially for the non-tech professionals. A digital marketing consultant specialising in fashion trends, for example, should also be well versed in new technologies and sustainability, since AI and green technologies are also shaping the world of fashion. Since it isn’t humanly possible to study everything in depth, 101 courses are the only viable solution.

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The Adaptiv Academy has the mission to help you upskill in durable skills, as well as the technical skills and knowledge in the six pillars of the future of work. New 101 courses are added to the Academy every week.Drop by, browse, and upskill!



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