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2 min readJun 10, 2022


You’ve heard it everywhere from the most prominent and influential leaders of the new economy, to us: upskilling is the key to success in the future of work.

Gen MZ are known for their penchant for pursuing their passion, which isn’t necessarily aligned with their formal education. On the other hand, employers expect candidates to be up-to-date with the latest knowledge and savoir-faire of the industry. And then there is the infamous skills gap leading to unemployment, unfulfilled expectations, and losses in billions of dollars.

The only solution that works for everyone is upskilling. But does upskilling mean signing up for costly courses that award completion certificates? Universities, Vocational Education Training services, MOOCs, and the many EdTech platforms are all competing to offer upskilling programs with certificates. But are these courses aligned to the changing nature of the new economy? And how many courses can you do to stay relevant in the future of work?

The Adaptiv Academy offers a unique platform that provides you with bite-sized career intel, allowing you to stay on top of the game with the most relevant knowledge about the changing landscape of the future of work. Working in the new economy requires you to be a bit of a Jack of all trades, and have a basic understanding of the six pillars of the future of work.

What you need is a platform where you can update your career intel while you’re on the move, taking a quick coffee break, or even while you’re on the treadmill. Snackable content that keeps you smart, relevant and ready for the future of work.

Learn more about the future of work in the Adaptiv Academy. 👇

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