This, despite the fact that millions of positions remain unfilled — 4.6 million in just the US. Constant socio-economic upheavals due to political crises, COVID-19, climate change, and rapid advances in technology have led to a wide skills gap which will lead to astronomical losses in global GDP. But that’s not all. The last two years have also seen millions of people quitting their jobs (remember the Great Resignation) because of high levels of career dissatisfaction from working in meaningless roles, leading to burnouts.

I’m sure you are wondering why governments and educational institutions aren’t doing anything to solve this overwhelmingly huge problem. Well, they are. There are thousands of solutions available, ranging from upskilling solutions offered by companies, MOOCs and cohort-based courses offered by new-age universities, to job portals, and research and skills development programs launched by governments. Then why are we looking at these scary numbers?

What students and professionals really need to crack the problem of skills gap and missed career opportunities is:

🚀 Information about emerging trends in the job market and skills requirements in the future of work.

🚀 Motivation to acquire new skills and improve their profile through a medium that keeps them interested and engaged.

🚀 Financial means to access upskilling programs and sef-fund their career growth.

Professional success and leadership will be decided by what you know, and not who you know, and thus our mission is to equip people with the right information, and the means to deploy their skills.

Now let me introduce you to Ada, an AI whose mission is to help people achieve their maximum career potential. Ada uses the power of NLP to crawl the job portals across the world and analyse trends in job posts to build a Knowledge Graph that tracks global skill demands at a micro-level in order to identify :

🚀 Skills and roles that are gradually being replaced by advances in technology.

🚀 Emerging trends in the job market and the skills that will be in demand in the future.

Students and professionals will have access to this information on the Adaptiv platform, where Ada will answer their questions about future-proof career paths:

  • What subjects outside of my major would help me in doing this career?
  • What are some trending careers now and in the next ten years?
  • Will I be replaced by a machine?
  • Where and how will I find work in the future?
  • What if I don’t have the right connections? How will I find a mentor in this field?

Adaptiv answers all these questions, and provides insights about skills that will enable them to succeed in the future of work, where employees will be expected to have advanced digital skills, in addition to a diverse portfolio of both durable (soft) and specialised (technical) skills.

Sign up for early access to the Adaptiv Academy here:



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