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2 min readMay 24, 2022


Sustainability and ecology as career paths often invoke the image of environmental scientists, green militants, and wildlife professionals. While these careers are definitely part of Sustainability & Ecology, there is much more to this pillar in the future of work. COVID-19, climate change and scarcity of resources is pushing the world towards a more sustainable economy in the future of work.

The UN Sustainable Development Goals, announced in 2015, was an urgent call for action to all governments across the world to work towards improving health and education, reducing inequality, and pushing economic growth, while tackling climate change and preserving Earth’s natural resources. The Green Economy, characterised as low carbon, resource efficient and socially inclusive, has grown in importance since then, and is expected to create 24 million jobs by 2030.

There is a lot of focus across the world on building sustainable solutions and moving towards a greener future. Following the EU Green Deal, South Korea has also announced their Green Deal. The African Union has also committed to investing in green energy, as a solution to their problems of electricity. Governments across the world are focusing on the implementation of holistic policy solutions, models and a sustainable framework for the future of work.

Big corporate organisations are also acting as enablers for a more sustainable future, by investing in technology that allows them to operate efficiently, but with lesser damage to the environment. From changing workplace policies to include greener solutions, to investing in GreenTech, the future of work has many opportunities in Sustainability & Ecology.

Here are a few roles that will emerge as future-proof career paths in Sustainability & Ecology:

🌿 Director of Sustainability

🌿 Environmental PR Specialist

🌿 Sustainability Program Coordinator

🌿 Ecotourism Guide

🌿 Environmental Consultant

🌿 Urban Planner

🌿 Energy Manager

🌿 Air Quality Engineer

🌿 Ethical Trade / Sustainable Sourcing Manager

🌿 Product Sustainability Manager

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