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3 min readMay 19, 2022


People & Culture. One of the six pillars of the future of work, this encompasses both company culture (people management), and cultural institutions in the new economy. As long as humans walk this Earth, there will always be a requirement for creative professionals in culture, and smart, driven people to manage talent. The new economy has a high requirement for professionals with people management skills, and the ability to drive culture across industries…and the multiverse!


As we move into the future of work, automation, changing workforce demographics or multi-generational workforce, and disruptions in technology are forcing companies to evaluate their company culture, and people management policies. HR professionals have to find smarter ways to manage talent and create a company culture that is agile, risk-tolerant, diverse and inclusive.

Company culture in the future of work is going to shift focus from the employer to the employees, increasing the importance of employer brand management. Irrespective of the size of the company, the priority for HR will be :

🚀 A culture of teamwork and mutual growth

🚀 Positive mental health and employee well-being

🚀 Hybrid working models and flexible timings

Technology is already being used for automating various talent acquisition and management, workforce analytics, performance management, etc. Going forward, HR professionals will have to use AI and ML for managing the workforce and also for workforce analytics. Blockchain will also play a big role in HR tech and talent acquisition.

Cognizant’s report on HR Jobs of the future talks about new roles that will emerge in people management by 2030. Our favourites:

🔮 Director of employee well-being

🔮 Gig Economy manager

🔮 WFH facilitator

🔮 Workplace environment architect

🔮 Human bias auditor

🔮 Algorithm bias auditor

🔮 HR Data Detective

🔮 VR Immersion counsellor

🔮 Chatbot and Human Facilitator

🔮Genetic Diversity Officer


Culture, as an industry, will also see a lot of changes in the next decade.We are already witnessing the adoption of technologies like 3D, 360° videos and AR/VR experiences to provide a richer experience to visitors in museums, art galleries and zoos. The Metaverse will offer more fluid and interactive experiences in art. Despite all the criticism, NFTs have already changed the way we perceive digital art, giving it the legitimacy that it didn’t have even five years ago.

The future of culture will see increasing adoption of technology to provide richer, more immersive experiences for everybody. Cultural institutions will have to create virtual spaces to reach a wider audience, and accommodate for inclusivity and accessibility.

Some roles expected to emerge in culture in the next few years:

🔮 Music Curation for the Metaverse

🔮 NFT digital art curator

🔮 Metaverse museum designer

🔮 Captioning for the Metaverse

🔮 Accessibility solutions for the visually and hearing impaired

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