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3 min readMay 18, 2022


One of the six pillars of the future of work, Marketing and Content Creation will continue to be a reliable and future-proof career path. However, like everywhere else, there will be significant changes in these roles, and marketers and content creators will have to adapt and acquire new skills in order to succeed in the new economy.

From the stylish advertisement executives of Mad Men to social media influencers, marketing has evolved and continues to adapt to the changing requirements of the industry. To succeed in marketing and content creation, you need to be able to adapt at lightning speed to the changing world to promote your brand, and keep it alive in the customer’s imagination. Smarter, faster, better — the mantra for every successful marketer in the world.

The growth of AR & VR, and the arrival of Metaverse are responsible for the biggest change in marketing in the future of work, as consumers move from a transactional to an experiential relationship with brands. Lead generation, a priority for marketers today will decrease in importance, and will be replaced by improving customer experiences and increasing customer lifetime value.

With increasing competition, marketing teams will have to find innovative ways to capture the customer’s imagination through story-telling and use of new technologies on digital platforms. Digital content creation is going to grow in importance, with a high emphasis on the use of AI and Machine Learning for content creation and delivery.

In addition to Customer Experience (CX), the focus will be on MarTech: data analytics and visualisation to get rich data on customer behaviour, track and optimise CX, and AI & Machine Learning tools for digital content creation and campaign strategies.

AI and other martech marvels are critical to the future of work. […] martech often is the career opportunity that marketers want. The chance (and training) to use the latest tech, to design and continually fine-tune data-driven campaigns, with results you can prove? Any marketing team that can’t offer that is at risk of becoming trapped in the past, and both employees and recruits will know it. — Matthew Lieberman, CMO at PwC US

The importance of AI in marketing is expected to go up from 6% in 2019 to 60% by 2025, while neuro-marketing is expected to go from 8% to 52% of the strategies used in the future.

While SEO may lose the edge as a skill in marketing in the next ten years, content marketing will still rule, to build trust and loyalty for the brand. Gen MZ, the TikTok and Tinder generation, is accustomed to swiping away content that doesn’t appeal to them, so content marketers will have to up their game with much more dynamic and engaging content with the help of technology.

Cognizant has identified a few roles that will emerge in Marketing & Content in the next few years, which seem like science-fiction today, but will soon be a reality. Our favourites from their list:

🔮 Mood & empathy manager

🔮 Interbrand manager

🔮 Algorithm bias auditor

🔮 Master story teller

🔮 Head of Bot Creative

🔮 Micro-interaction marketing specialist

🔮 Neuro A/B tester

🔮 Data ethnographer

🔮 Machine and people ethics manager

🔮 Virtual-world marketing architect

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