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Welcoming a New Hire: Onboarding & New Employee Engagement

  • Welcome your new employee to the team! A small gift is a generous touch. Host a welcome meal (breakfast or lunch, even on Zoom) or offer a signed card by the team welcoming them to the organization.
  • Offer a tour of the facility and primary work area (omit for remote hires)
  • Be sure to offer introductions to all staff, especially the ones that will work with the new hire. Help your new employee schedule time to meet with each staff member so they can learn more about their new colleagues.
  • Share an organizational flow chart with the new employee to help them remember who does what at work.
  • Share the mission of the organization again and explain its role with any necessary outside organizations, agencies, communities, etc.
  • Complete all necessary paperwork: Employers need to sign any manual documents to hand to HR. The new employee needs to complete a W-4 form and an I-9 form with appropriate ID documentation. If your organization has any other forms that need to be filled out (such as benefit information or emergency contact information), complete them at this time so it’s not forgotten about.
  • Create a personnel file for the new employee and place files in a secured location, such as a locked filing cabinet or a password-protected folder online. This file will hold all hiring information, including the employee’s resume, job application, W2, emergency contact information, and any medical information.
  • Troubleshoot email platform and work-time recording software with the new employee and make sure they have access to all shared company drives online or Dropbox files.
  • Review the job description and employee manual with the new employee.
  • Review the orientation/onboarding process. Share with them the timeline of what will be covered when and what kind of support they can expect to have with their new position.
  • Schedule a follow-up check-in with the employee at the end of the first week and month.
  • Schedule your employee to attendee a Sexual Harassment Training.
  • Other administrative/HR tasks to complete:
  • Assign them a mentor or buddy who can be their informal guide to help support the new employee. Just be sure to make sure the mentor is someone who enjoys working at your organization!
  • Ensure that other staff members follow through with any of their onboarding responsibilities, such as making sure everyone met the new hire that was supposed to.
  • Check-in with your new hire. Acknowledge that it can be overwhelming in the beginning of a new job, but don’t be afraid to assign work. Most new team members are excited to get working. Find out how your new employee is feeling about their work. You can ask questions including: What strikes you most about your new job? What aspect of your job excites you? And what aspect of your job worries you?
  • What has been challenging as you adjust to your new job?”
  • What has gone smoothly?”
  • Is there anything about this position/organization that has surprised you?
  • What kind of additional support or training do you need from me?



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