5 Unique Features Adara is Bringing to the Crypto Exchange Space

Crypto trading is a little like Olympic swimming. The margin between “triumphant victory” and “second best” is so slim that it’s measured in milliseconds. Olympic swimmers and traders both need to make correct decisions quickly, and use every tool that helps them do so.

That’s why Adara’s goal is to give traders an interface that makes fast, powerful decision-making easy and intuitive. We combine beginner-friendly elements with advanced UX/UI features to create a platform that lets users of all levels perform at their peak.

Below, we cover the 5 of Adara’s key features that make this possible.

  1. The Core: an Intuitive interface

The trade panel is the heart of Adara’s trading platform. This is where users will spend most of their time.

The first thing you notice is that everything a user needs is just a click away. From the news feed to the candlestick chart to the order tool, all important features fit on one screen. There’s no need to leave the page, which helps save precious time and take action quickly.

Another powerful feature is the ability to personalize the screen using Adara’s Library features. You can add widgets from the Library and move them around; switch between pro and basic versions; add newsfeeds from your favorite favorite Twitter channels, Telegram groups and websites.

The result is an intuitive, customizable interface that adapts . And for when you need more than one screen, Adara gives you…

2. Multitasking

Sometimes, a trader needs to do multiple things at once. That’s why Adara’s interface enables multitasking with parallel workspaces: a feature familiar to iOS users.

With this feature, you can run two or more screens, switching between them instantly with a single gesture.

On a desktop device, this means going from one screen to another in seconds. With a tablet or smartphone, it means using multiple screens concurrently — e.g. viewing depth data on your mobile and trading on your desktop.

This feature lets traders view multiple tools, feeds and screens simultaneously. Not everyone has multiple displays — but with Adara, you can get their equivalent with just one or two devices.

Another Adara feature that saves time and adds value is the ability to choose between two versions of an Adara Library widget: pro and basic. In the next point, we’ll explain how these work together with the dashboard to give traders a bird’s eye view of relevant crypto markets.

3. Customizable dashboard and Adara Library features

The trade panel is where you spend most of your time — but the dashboard is the first thing you see when you log in. It’s where you see what’s happening right now.

To make the dashboard as helpful as possible, Adara gives you the ability to choose what appears on it. You can choose to view the coins, pairs and news feeds that matter most to you.

In addition to this, the dashboard (and the trade panel) feature Pro and Basic versions of Adara Library widgets.

Basic level tools will give users straightforward features that save them time. For example, a basic “order” widget will make it easy to buy or sell any digital asset in just two quick clicks.

Pro-level widgets will be more powerful. A pro-level order tool might offer margin trading; complex orders like trailing stops and cease trades; a more advanced interface.

By configuring the dashboard and Adara Library widgets, users will get the exact feeds and tools they need in a layout that makes sense to you. Between this and multitasking, Adara makes it easy for traders of all skill levels to fine-tune their workspace to their needs.

Another way in which Adara makes life easier for users is through…

4. News widget

Content is a major part of Adara’s platform and interface. It helps traders make better, more educated decisions — which is why the platform features several content feeds that inform users of what’s happening in the crypto world right now.

Adara has a separate News tab with curated content from around the web. As with the news feed widget, you can configure this page to focus on topics of interest, showing you important facts and data relevant to you.

5. Upcoming Features: Social Trading, Adara Labs, Funds

There’s a lot of money to be made in crypto — but not everyone has the time (or knowledge) to do well. If you’re a beginner-level or intermediate-level trader, or simply someone with a full-time job, trading can be hard.

That’s why Adara’s interface will feature two best-in-class features that help traders perform well regardless of their skill level.

The first feature is social trading. With social trading, it’s easy for any user to copy every move a successful trader makes. All you have to do is choose a sum of money and “follow” the Adara account you want to copy. In exchange, the target account gets a fraction of earnings from everyone following it.

The second upcoming feature is Adara Labs: a content creation environment wherein users can perform data analysis and share visual and text-based information. Using Adara Labs, traders will be able to inform themselves about coins, pairs, ICOs and more, all without having to leave the platform.

Now let’s recap the 5 key features that separate Adara from other crypto exchanges:

  1. A trading panel where every feature is one click away
  2. Multitasking with instant switching between parallel workspaces
  3. A customizable dashboard and flexible Adara Labs tools
  4. News widget
  5. 3 upcoming features: social trading, fund creation and Adara Library

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