Forward To The Future: Adara’s View on The Financial (R)evolution

When Robert Zemeckis and Bob Gale in their legendary trilogy Back to The Future pictured the world in 2015, compared to good old 1985, their imagination was centered around technology and inventions: flying hoover skateboards,self-drying suits with self-adjusting sizes, convenient sneakers that tie themselves, and most importantly, flying cars fueled by a waste fission power source instead of gasoline.

Other than that, human society looked pretty much the same: quiet residential areas, semi-automated money wiring, people working full day jobs at big corporations, in person lectures in universities and so on.

Actual 2015 looked somewhat different. Cars, despite Mr. Musk’s efforts, remained mostly internal combustion engines driven. Drone powered and jet engine flying boards were only tested more recently. What was entirely new is communication and employment. Thanks to co-working giants (WeWork and others alike), fixed offices are slowly becoming obsolete, as well as full time jobs: agile techniques and flexible development teams have penetrated all service industries: from IT solutions and telecom to banking, insurance, but also, advertising, travel and education. Today WhatsApp, Telegram and Slack are equally qualified as working places, compared to corporate skyscrapers.

We, Adara, believe that the process will continue and further expand, revolutionizing the most conservative sphere: money and finance. We foresee that the acquisition of financial freedom will be a crucial stepping stone for the evolution of our society and the investment infrastructure we develop at Adara will create a large network effect, rippling through the financial markets, transforming all existing financial instruments.

This shift will be established by implementing three main strategies

  • Education;
  • Thought leadership;
  • Investing in the ecosystem.

Firstly educating people takes time, but is a necessity if we wish to achieve a more diverse financial market. Here, creativity plays a vital role knowing that impactful ideas are hard to find and nurture. Secondly, we need to assist humanity via thought leadership in inventing, formulating and executing their ideas. Another way to help sustain that change is by investing in the ecosystem infrastructure, to further improve the potential for new technologies and implementations. proclaims providing access to the entire the world of digital assets for everyone, making this new economy more accessible and connected.

Witnessing this financial system, paired with outdated economic models and not allowing billions of people to use the most basic financial instruments, we decided to take action. Our solution is one of decentralization and, adopting crypto technologies. Giving each and every individual access to core financial services is our goal.

Today the world of crypto reminds us of Zemeckis’ other brilliant creation: Who Framed Roger Rabbit. The Cryptonians look very much as inhabitants of the Toontown, alienated and hard to understand. The blockchain technology is still very young and it takes time to understand even the most basic features it’s built on — transaction hashes, cryptocurrency wallets, types of consensus.

We, Adara, are here to change this once and for all. Join us on our journey, not only to observe, but to be a part of the process. This evolution is big enough to have an “R” in front!

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