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Adara Ventures: Looking back at 2021

We have been incredibly fortunate to partner with so many ambitious, inspiring entrepreneurs — and this year was no different.

2021 was full of exciting achievements for our team and portfolio companies, and we wanted to take a brief moment to celebrate a few of these milestones below.

🤝 We welcomed 6 new teams to the Adara portfolio

🇺🇸🇵🇹 Apres
$1.5M Seed led by Adara and Faber with participation from Techstars & local angels
Apres is radically improving AI accessibility for both technical and non-technical users and making responsible AI the better business decision. Learn more

🇮🇹 CyberGuru
€3.6M Series A led by Adara and P101
CyberGuru’s cybersecurity training and awareness software tackles cybercrime by focusing on the human factor. Learn more

🇬🇧 InteleXVision
£2.5M Series A led by Adara and Inveready
InteleXVision is disrupting the professional surveillance industry by enabling real-time video monitoring at scale. Learn more

🇪🇸 Freeverse
$1M Seed led by Adara and 4Founders
Freeverse is creating the NFT 2.0 platform for Living Assets, powering the next generation digital industry. Learn more

🇪🇸 Councilbox
€5M Series A led by Adara with participation from Telefónica’s Wayra and ABANCA
Councilbox is the leading platform for hosting and managing remote meetings that require legal validity. Learn more

🇪🇸 Bigle Legal
€2M Seed led by Adara with participation from ICF Venture Tech II, THCap and Cuatrecasas
Bigle Legal is a pioneer and leader in the field of legal document automation. Learn more

🚀 We saw category leaders emerge in AI, API security & AR

🇪🇸 Seedtag
$40M Series B led by Oakley Capital with participation from Adara and All Iron
Seedtag is the fast-growing leader in contextual advertising in EMEA and LATAM. Learn more

🇪🇸🇬🇧 42Crunch
$17M Series A led by Energy Impact Partners with participation from Adara
42Crunch bridges the gap between API development and security teams with a simple, automated platform. Learn more

🇬🇧 XYZ Reality
£20M in Series A led by Octopus Ventures, with participation from Adara, Amadeus Capital Partners, Hoxton Ventures & others.
XYZ Reality’s augmented reality solution allows construction sites to view and build accurately from 3D design models. Learn more

🏔 We celebrated growth stories across the portfolio

  • CounterCraft expanded into the US market and was awarded a Cyber Threat Detection contract by the US Department of Defense.
  • Seedtag ​​acquired German company Recognified to continue its rapid expansion and consolidate its leadership in Europe.
  • Apres was recognized as one of the Hottest 100 Startups in Europe by Wired Magazine.
  • Caravelo added Alex Cruz, former CEO of British Airways, Clickair, and Vueling, as investor and board member.
  • XYZ Reality unveiled its flagship AR product, The Atom.
  • Bigle Legal opened its new London office.
  • Freeverse ranked 3rd in list of top 100 most innovative Spanish startups.
  • Beonprice launched its new revenue management system (RMS) and CEO Rubén Sánchez selected as one of most influential in Spain’s tourism industry.
  • IOMED launched its Compass 2.0 platform to answer even more clinical questions with real world health data in a matter of minutes.
  • Quibim continued its US expansion, opening offices in NYC.

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✨ Adara 3.0: new web, new offices, new faces

We refreshed the Adara website and logo this year and launched our dedicated Careers Portal to showcase roles across the Adara portfolio and connect talented candidates with exciting roles in tech.

We also launched a new series to take a deeper dive into sectors, trends, and technologies that we believe represent compelling investment opportunities. In our first edition, Partner Rocío Pillado discussed Adara’s perspective on Digital Health, one of the key pillars of our investment thesis. Stay tuned for more insights from our team and portfolio founders in the new year.

As the dust settles on 2021, we look forward to an even more exciting 2022!

– The Adara Ventures team



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