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I Just Realized How to Get Paid on Medium

Wrongly accuse others for the sake of attention and your earnings will soar.

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It’s either crickets or cheers come tomorrow, folks.

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Now — here’s how to get someone’s attention:

Start strong, and risk being offensive.

Indicate that you do not give a fuck, and have nothing to lose. Because Medium hasn’t paid you shit for your research and hard work. So just go off and appear as if you are unhinged. Speak the truth if you dare. It works wonders for your earnings.

Go on a rant, push the boundaries of what is seen as acceptable by the overlords of Medium. Be sure to riff on for what would amount to several minutes of reading or more. In fact, the longer the better. The more you talk about others in contrast to the norm, the more attention it will get, and the more you will get paid.

Here’s the problem with all of this:

If you write for money, at the expense of others, you are a slave.

You must write in honor of the truth.

If you write for money, and nothing else, without taking into consideration the readers and writers of Medium — then you have enslaved yourself in a grind that will turn your career to dust in time. You will not be remembered for anything but the shit you plopped on the bed, for the sake of calling it a prank. You think you’ll be remembered in the light of humor because you said you were kidding.

There is no prank. It’s poo on the bed. There is no punchline. You took a shit and got paid for it. In Ms. Heard’s case, it was seven million dollars.

And so as I think about the big decision tomorrow, after all this deliberation, it doesn’t matter in the slightest who wins.

The damage has already been done. A wife dropped a shit on her husband’s bed. A wife chopped off her husband’s finger. She got paid millions for it.

Now, this same woman cannot admit to fault for the life of her. Not for a single thing she’s ever done. And there’s a term for this, that many are familiar with, if you are an empath, and it’s called narcissism. Which comes with the convenient excuse to never have to take responsibility for any error at all. For one’s entire life. Too bad it’s a veritable fucking prison.

Photo by Tingey Injury Law Firm on Unsplash

If you get caught in a lie, enough times, you must cover up that lie with more lies…until you are seen as a fool and become the laughing stock of the world.

I don’t know how torturous it must feel to be lying all the time. To never give it a rest. For the sake of displaying some false image of perfection. If narcissists only knew they were perfect to begin with, all of this shit would go away. But it’s too embedded now.

At the heart of this case, is a beast that no one seems to notice.

It is the infamous iPhone. With the apple on the back with the bite taken from it. This modern day fall of mankind caused all of this to happen, and more. Didn’t it? Didn’t the iPhone become this case’s biggest promoter, and presenter of evidence? Shouldn’t that be a concern? The fact that no one has acknowledged this? That we treat this buzzing rectangular quartz screen as a dear friend to the point where it is now like a ghost limb? If we don’t have it by our sides we suddenly feel empty? Is anyone going to fucking admit this into evidence?

The biggest lie in the Heard vs. Depp case states that Ms. Heard cares more about social justice than fame and money. I would say, her iPhone says different. It acted like a TMZ paparazzo on the scene, 24/7.

Now check Mr. Depp’s iPhone and what you will see is a wasteland. All his projections, all his suffering, all the reminders of pain, all there. And I wonder if this case is enough for folks to ditch the tech entirely. That to me, would be a huge win.

Forget winning. At least as far as Mr. Depp is concerned. He earns $50 million most years. He has starred in 70+ films. No joke. Ms. Heard’s $100M counter-claim equates to two years of his salary. Likely to be reduced to one year, maybe less, after all the sponsorships land in Depp’s lap if in fact, he loses this case. Not to mention what he will gross in the many films and documentaries to come. Or the art and writing he’s been accumulating while listening to the defense try to rattle him. He has created a collection of works that I’m sure he will soon begin selling. Or giving away. Whatever it is, these sketches he’s done, will be very sought-after.

Mr. Depp is doing this for justice, and with that, comes benefit. He has nothing to lose. The shots have been taken, and the damage is done. Ms. Heard’s op-ed was put out there with perfect timing to have maximum defamatory impact. Clear as day.

No matter now. Mr. Depp has his credibility, backed by dozens of witnesses. I don’t mean to dismiss the importance of the jury’s decision tomorrow. No one expected all of this to come about in the beginning. Who knows? It could be a collaboration between Heard & Depp to rake in billions from the ratings. All I know is the decision feels anticlimactic after all that’s come up as a result of this case.

The world got to see what happens when someone lies under oath. When someone looks at the jury, over and over, for sympathy, and support. It seems this was the angle of Ms. Heard’s coaches — keep looking at the jury. Keep establishing eye contact. Especially when things get emotional. Eye contact, is perceived as someone telling the truth. And the moment that Ms. Heard was caught in a lie, she couldn’t look at the jury. It’s telling.

In the closing arguments, the defense attorneys were pulling the same old runaround that we saw in the O.J. Simpson trial, where if evidence is inconclusive with non-essential items, then you must acquit. Feed into the hearts of the jury, study them through and through, and you can get the results you need, regardless of the evidence presented against the defendant. It appears this isn’t working this time around.

Depp was coached in a different way. He did not look at Ms. Heard at all. He would smile and be cordial with the jury, wave back at all those waving at him, and then to focus on the lawyers and the case at hand. To keep up the persona of a rockstar actor? Maybe. Because he was telling the truth? Possible. Maybe he even had words fed into his ear? So many strange pauses were an indication something was up.

I read the text messages he sent out, and if I were to be receiving a message from someone like Johnny Depp, I imagine it would have to be over the top. It would have to be memorable. Especially if he was coked out of his mind. It would have to be shocking enough for it to be believable. And the iPhone certainly played a role in all of this, once again.

At the end of the day, words are different than cut-off fingertips. So are shiners on the face, different than words. So are a lack of injuries when claiming there are injuries sustained. Smiles speak so clearly when caught by the iPhone, the day after a restraining order is placed. Words are very powerful, and can cause a lot of pain when exaggerated. They can also heal when spoken in the light of truth. Words can also be ignored with indifference for the sake of appearing innocent.

A fingertip, once cut off, gives a ghost-limb feeling for life. A constant reminder of the truth.

Curious to see the result of all this, tomorrow.



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