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Let’s Talk about Ada’s Place.

Progress being made through Cardano’s Catalyst Fund8.

Photo by Elizeu Dias on Unsplash

Staying at home is a noble profession in 2022. Even more noble is a mobile office. There’s something to be said about working on a farmstead for a few months per year and spending the rest lounging on a beach overlooking the Caribbean. One like the beach you see above. There are kayaks. Sailboats. Palapas, and if you were actually there, you’d see the bar on the right. It’s got mezcal cocktails, and a decent local lager that goes well with fresh lime juice. You can have a rim of salt with lime juice squeezed into your beer glass before said cold beer is poured into the glass to make it a proper michelada, all available to you here on the beach, during the off-season.

Photo by Drew Dau on Unsplash

Here’s a typical writer’s lodge in Vermont. If it resonates with you, dream it into reality. It’s yours.

And while you’re at it, remember, it is an accomplishment to furnish a home with options for water gathering, filtering, and composting. If possible, one would have a greenhouse dedicated to growing and preserving plant lineages, while storing massive amounts of viable heirloom seeds in a dark, dry, place.

All these systems, over time, assist with producing products that allow you and your loved ones to spend the off-season lounging on the beach. You just have to learn how to sell the things you do well. Whether it’s growing bud or writing stories about it, you’ve got to figure out what you do differently than the rest. It’s got to be something that stands out. So show the world what you’ve got. It will stand out, eventually.

The only way I could have received funding from Cardano Foundation was through individual voter support. Thank you. I am so grateful for a win.

There’s only one way I could be where I am right now, and that is through friendship.

Listen to your friends, believe in them. When they share their dreams, be present, receptive, and only provide feedback after asking permission. Have the respect to ask if feedback is welcome before offering anything especially if it’s in a form of criticism. As you offer criticism, do it with love, through the offering of potential solutions, as you establish a foundation of respect with your friend, partner, or spouse for the long term.

The last time I spoke with the administration at Cardano it was via email and I allowed it to become frustrating. There then came a point where I wished everyone well and this was offered to me as well. Good news: my wishes are starting to be fulfilled now. I am grateful. Whatever we all needed to do together, we did it. We planted a good seed. It’s already growing.

I have a few weeks left to churn out a number of offerings for Fund8. There will be surprises.

So if I’m not posting on Medium, that doesn’t mean I’m not writing. I love the typewriter, and use it daily. I plan to share some of this work before this pilot with Cardano is done. Here’s what I can promise you: I will be applying for Catalyst Fund9 to keep Ada’s Place going. I will be promising the same deliverables, around 150 minutes of reading material in 30 days. Some days I publish nothing, other days will have several offerings, or an extended article. The objective is by the end of this, there is literature dedicated to Cardano through Ada’s Place, a publication sponsored by a decentralized network of individuals believing in the freedom of speech and expression.

I have written controversial articles for a reason. I do not wish to stir up hate or animosity as much as I wish to feel the pulse of America. To see where things are now, and how I can integrate, as it’s been a long time since I’ve lived here, and had a chance to let my roots settle in. I spent seven years of the last decade living in Mexico City, a place that was challenging yet rewarding. It makes you more lucid, more apt to negotiate and speak from the heart. What comes from that, is freedom.

I’ve been taking my time with this publication. Been typewriting novels alongside it, enjoying tending to the garden, caring for the animals, and just choosing peace over all other things that aren’t worth entertaining. I am going through a general rebuilding of self. The foundation has been poured, and it’s strong and sturdy. Now we’ll see how this goes. I’ll be posting new fiction, very soon.




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