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The Jab Was Free, Yet Somehow Americans Now Owe $200B in Interest to the Fed

It doesn’t matter if you didn’t get the jab — if you’re American, you split the bill with the vaccinated

(EDIT — 13-MAR-2022–2:11PM) You’ll see in the comments Tim Gerhard really let me have it regarding the mortality rate numbers. I like that. I even told him I would post this in the article, with his permission.

Well, I went and did it anyway. I didn’t wait for his permission, because he’s a non-paying reader with no followers who probably won’t gain access to this update since he gets two free-reads a month. Must be doing this on someone else’s behalf like a confederate. And I say confederate as “accomplice” or “troll”.

Destroy all Trolls! Illustration by author.

I believe this is a good moment to review the lesson: in life, you get what you give.

Depending on how you treat someone in life, you can either set yourself up for failure or success moving forward. Especially if you’re someone in your early twenties speaking globally to someone who is old enough to be your father.

Tim Gerhard made a good point, and I’m leaving in my mistakes. The mortality rate is still less than 0.1% which means there’s a 99.9% chance of survival. I took my calculations from a pool of data spanning 2.5 years.

I Made this Simple to Understand

774 deaths occur per 1M people.

Tell me the percentage, Tim. If you have problems with the numbers, go to Google.

  • It’s a guarantee you have a 99.9% chance of survival until these statistics change.
  • It’s the same percentage of avoiding pregnancy while on birth control.
  • My argument is sound, even with the decimal point adjustment, which I made.
  • Next time send me a PM. It will benefit your future as a writer.

Let me know if you see anything off with the Debt Clock, while you’re at it. I imagine those numbers are sound, and it’s the focus of this offering, as you’ll inherit this debt.

Watch it tick.

The debt per person was $495,000USD a few days ago. Now it’s $505,000USD in only a matter of 24 hours. That’s not good.

Photo by Alice Pasqual on Unsplash

All in all we’re just another brick in the Wall. -Pink Floyd

That’s the Whole Story

You already read it.

US Debt has increased in the amount of 20 TRILLION DOLLARS (is not a typo, hence the CAPS) in order to dish out “free” vaccines to Americans.

Guess who’s laughing when the bill comes at the end of the pandemic?

Do you need me to feed it to you? It’s the Federal Reserve.

The Fed and Wall Street insiders were laughing all the way to the bank when they displaced millions of Americans during the subprime mortgage crisis.

Made a ton of money with this. But not nearly as much as a pandemic.

This Pandemic has a 1% Mortality Rate

Yet Covid seems to kill everyone.

I’ll tell you what kills people in truth:

It’s failure to understand thoughts, feelings, convictions, and words create reality.

If you entertain thinking you’re going to die, and others are going to die, and everyone is out to get you, then the Universe will grant your wish.

People will die while others are out to get you, including all the monsters you imagined hiding under the bed and in the closet since you were a child. Ready to manifest as the next big jump scare or car accident or sequence of tragedies steamroll your life.

The infinite power of the Universe loves you so much it wouldn’t dare interfere and save your dumb ass, because you thought about how everything was against you for so long the Universe believes it’s what you want.

The Universe in turn wants this all to happen for you. So you get exactly what you send out in thoughts, feelings, convictions, and words.

Turns out people started dying after all. What a surprise. Lots of people you knew died never got the jab — must have had it coming. Right?

I wish for you to know you cast a wish on someone to die, every time you thought with rage someone was trying to kill you for being unvaccinated. With a disease that carries a 1% mortality rate.

Let’s do the Math Once and For All

By author.

Let’s take the total world population. 7.9 billion.

Now let’s google how many people have died from Covid-19 since it began.

By author.

Total is 6.03 million worldwide. Now keep in mind Covid-19 started in November/December 2019. So we are talking several years of data right here.

No matter, let’s just divide these total deaths into the total world population so we can see the true mortality rate of this terrible disease that kills everyone. You know, for the sake of really knowing the numbers.

Investigative reporting by author took 15 seconds to figure out the truth.

(EDIT — 13-MAR-2022 — Tim this is for you. 0.07% mortality rate means there is a 99.9% chance of sunshine remaining in your life, so long as you don’t think everyone’s going to die, all the time.)

Google is More than Able to Field Difficult Questions

Happy to give me the answer to the meaning of life.

The meaning of life by Google.

Now Let’s Ask Google for the Covid Mortality Rate

By author.

Over 2 million results are offered in this search, yet Google cannot provide the answer. Because the answer is shocking. It goes against everything the news has been telling us.

I’m sure Google knows if the world were to realize essential freedoms have been compromised for two and a half years, due to a flu virus that has a mortality rate globally of 0.075%, some idiot running a country might actually question the logic and wonder what is going on behind the scenes, and take a look.

I assure you what they would find is the endless printing of money.

Look at the Debt Clock

Look at the bottom right. We as individual US Citizens owe the Fed $495,000USD as a result of the debts incurred by printing endless trillions of dollars under the guise of Covid Relief.

The plan is to take quantitative easing to infinity until paper (fiat) currency fails, and then, shift everything over to crypto, and attempt to do the same there.

The only issue is there is no central authority in crypto to be bought out.

Right now cryptocurrency exchanges have communication with the banks, with the exception of a few alt coins. What this means is the exchanges will eventually dissolve, once alt coins are self-governing.

I talk about Cardano a lot, because they are the closest to achieving full decentralization and self-governance, and they have the largest decentralized community of individual supporters in the world.

The Take:

The American People now owe $200B in interest to the Fed (a private company), for funding a vaccination program for a flu virus which has a 0.075% global mortality rate.

If you call this Misinformation, or Disinformation, you are accusing Google of the same

I am presenting data from A source so reliable, Google’s brand is now a verb. Anyone can look this up in a matter of a minute and see the truth glaring back at them.

Why support the removal of freedom? This agenda restricts how you breathe, where you can go, who you can see, and when you can travel.

Don’t get used to having these freedoms taken from you. You’ll start to think your life is being cared for while it’s stripped for all it’s worth.

Think Well. Feel Well. Live Well.




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