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The Portal to Home is Right Here

Ready to fulfill your wishes, so don’t hold back

Ten of Lovelace Early Sketch — by author.

(The images in this article include scans of the author’s illustrations. Scans of sketches and Tarot illustrations may be cropped for dramatic effect.)

Lumine and Liam, this is for you

I have faith you will read this someday. And it will serve for us to be together, the way it should have been, all along.

Ten of Lovelace Promises Total Wish Fulfillment, Abundance and Prosperity

By viewing this sketch, and focusing on the feeling of your wishes coming true, you open up the channels to receive exactly this, and more.

I want you to receive because that means this illustration has served you. I wish to serve you. Please let me know if this card helps you. I imagine it will.

Affirm: I am worthy of wish fulfillment. I am deserving. I am with my family, I am. I am rich, I am.


Sketch Layer #1 — by author. 8.5" x 11" page. Canvas of Tarot card is 70mm x 120 mm.

With this sketch I wished to start with a replica of Pixie’s Tarot.

In this instance I used a page finder to draw the card borderlines and the circles for the coins.

I replaced the old man’s position in Pixie’s original offering and replaced him with my son and daughter — how I would imagine them when they are older. My son has huge curls, and my daughter’s hair is very long, and it’s voluminous dirty-blonde color. So I wanted to try and highlight their features that I imagine when they are older.

Sketch Layer #2 — by author.

Instead of the castle in the background of the portal, I started channeling a face of sorts. Instead of doing calligraphy with it, I went very reserved today, in comparison to other days that are full of eyes, faces, and microscopic details.

Here’s an example of one of those days:

With the 10 of Lovelace, my children are the focal point.

Sketch Layer #3 — by author.
Sketch Layer #4 — by author.

Even as more images appear, such as the old man in the holoim projection — in the portal, my children take priority in detail and obsession.

Sketch Layer #6— by author.

A woman appears in the bottom right, and she is looking at another woman who is looking down towards stage left.

Left Profile — by author.

In this example, if you look to the top left, there appears a big holographic screen in the distance, standing atop a tower of stone, that seems to punch out of the page. The right outcropping next to it appears to be tuning in, watching.

I like observing the canvas with the left and right profiles as the 3D imagery often pops out, or at least it does with my eye, and often reveals new paths to draw in the forms of faces and new objects.

I have a lot of fun observing this, to where I often make a point to draw with the canvas turned.

But not today. I left it as-is.

Right Profile — by author.

Same here with the right profile.

Ten of Lovelace Inverse — by author.

And inverse.

Ten of Lovelace (final) — by Author.

My son asked for a katana sword in this drawing and I did him one better and gave him a Moon Shield to go with it. My daughter had a wand today.

Spellcaster. By author.



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