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Time to Eat Your Words (21/30)

Scratch my balls, please.

You must excuse me, for I am stone. And I have this aching itch that I cannot scratch. Could you at least hit a tennis ball toward me, in the nether regions, or just drag a stick against me for a while, for I am without hands, and I have this predicament and I need your help. It seems God thinks I’m joking, but I’m not. Trust me. If I were joking, I’d write an article like this:

And in the event that you believed I was still telling the truth, I would write this article, which defames in advance, a Vietnam Veteran, a Senior Citizen of the United States with tinnitus, who spent three years writing the code for this Fund9 project, asking only for compensation for the hardware he needs to make this a full reality for the Cardano Community:

And after this, if you are still convinced that I am telling the truth, I say: Lord have mercy on your soul. For you have supported the Devil in your superficiality that has consumed your life with importance that shall mean nothing on the day you depart from this Earth.

God bless!

The following are the pages I wrote on June 13th, for Cardano, and it’s team of believers that still have their souls intact.

Notice how I’m not mentioning any names, out of respect. For I wish you don’t stand out amongst the haters. Don’t worry, you’ll get an invite to all of my future house parties. I promise. And my promises are gold. Don’t believe me? Well, here are the date-stamped pages I wrote in my defense.

Here’s the rest of the rabbit’s hole:

And here’s the previous Medium post for posterity:



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