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Time to Eat Your Words (26/30)

Finding time to laugh about it all.

I once was told that I was misleading:

And then I was told my Tarot cards were worthless. A scam. To vote against it. To make your voice heard along all the other cancelers of the world who are about to be canceled themselves. Because it’s interference. It messes with creative output. God makes note of that.

And to think, after all was said and done to lambast and disenfranchise me, my father was brought into the mix. He’s a senior citizen, by the way. And a very nice man. Great father. Sacrificed a lot in his life not to be treated like this by someone who has never even said a word to him in his/her/their life. Period. My father served the country in the Vietnam War. Never asks people for anything other than what is considered very fair. For example, with this service he created called International Cyber Genesis, he put everything together on his own time, with his own money. He just wants to offer it to Cardano. Make things better. Contribute to an advertised need. Whether it works for you or not, my father was thrown under the bus before the vote was done. And that is defamation. That is disenfranchisement. And it is music to an attorney’s ears, let me tell you.

Back off.

My father requires server power that can assure 100% uptime. My father knows, otherwise he wouldn’t ask for it. And I know he isn’t asking for much. Not for the sake of the ETH → ADA migration. Look at the budget, and look at what is being provided as far as goods and services are involved, and vote based on that. Try out and see what you find. If you like it, and it feels cool because it‘s retro, written by an OG, and far from being HTTPS, because HTTPS is for pussies, well then, you know better than I do. If you aren’t willing to take risks, each and every day, then you aren’t in the right business. I tell you this, from one writer to another, that you have THREE FUCKING ARTICLES published here under the category of Cardano: THREE.

See for yourself:

And if that doesn’t alarm you, and look like it’s defamation geared toward one particular group of people, need I remind you of the statistics folks. I see three articles written, and two of them are defamation thrown at me and my father. I would say that puts us in the majority, doesn’t it, folks? Is it clear enough to you now?

It was an attack. A dumb one.

This is my 26th article written in one day. ONE DAY. Go ahead and count them all if you must. They are all there. 10 times the amount as the troll that harassed me to the point where I had to come forward and defend myself. And THAT, is bullshit.

Enough to deserve its very own CAPS.

So next time you think about picking on a good person, and I mean a good father and son, you think twice. Because we will work at this until it is right with the community. That is what we do. I knew I had these pages and I prayed I wouldn’t have to be at this place where I am at right now. Well, the moment is here, and so be it. I shall hammer Medium’s servers just to let everyone know I’m still alive and ticking.


p.s. So you know, I have to take a day away from the book I’m writing to properly respond to this defamation. This takes a day away from my readers who may want to know what was happening in the story I was writing yesterday. I have to neglect the characters in my book who have a lot to say, right now, as I write this. They are pissed off.

A day of writing for me is significant.

Here’s proof:

I wrote this on June 18th, 2022. For Cardano. And by the Grace of God the words were delivered. Rather entertaining words.

Here’s the whole book series for free:

Here’s the previous article of this Medium series:



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