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Time to Eat Your Words (27/30)

So close, yet so far away…

Don’t you see it? Are you blind?

To think, at one point in time this typewritten page above would have been a cotton blossom. Stardust, even. Amazing. That said, looks like the ribbon was wearing out. I am often stubborn when it comes mending this.

I also get stubborn when someone I don’t know comes forth and accuses me and my retired U.S. Veteran father of abusing the Catalyst program for a quick cash grab. That makes me want to stand up for my father, and me.

A lot.

I get stubborn when someone who creates little to no content of his/her/they own just comes in and publishes propaganda in a direct, defamatory way in order to sway a vote in the favor of someone they would rather see awarded.

I have a problem with that. Everyone in the Cardano Community should have a problem with that. The reason Cardano exists is to keep this from happening in the first place.

So I’m writing 30 articles today, out of love for the community, most of all. Because I would never want you to feel like I let you down, and didn’t deliver what I promised.

So now you see the truth. I was writing for you, all the time.

I never stopped. I just wish everyone would believe.

This was written on June 19th. The Father’s Day that never was.

Here’s the entire book for free, with thanks to Cardano Catalyst voters for making this possible:

And here’s the previous episode of this Medium serial:



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