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Time to Eat Your Words (7/30)

This is what a catastrophe actually looks like...

If you look carefully at the page above you’ll see there are two dates. Well, that happens when you take the day to do other things but typewrite. I believe I was posting Cardano articles on Ada’s Place on that day, but jeez, I could be wrong. Who knows what I was doing…all is to say, at the end of the day, the work is done, as this was written during the time that I promised it would be written — and there can be no disputing this.

This book is a gift. You paid nothing for it. You voted it into existence. And now it exists, as a testament to your faith in my writing.

Now ask yourself who else gives you something of immense value for free? The answer is: God. It’s the breath you take for granted right now. It is the sun that rises and sets. It is your heartbeat.

I am as consistent as a writer can be. And that means, I take rests from time to time. To recover from not having access to my children for nearly a decade. To figure out a way how to not be homeless, after moving 8 times in one year, in Mexico City. To come to terms with my life as a 44 year-old man that literally has nothing to lose anymore.

You may want to know where all this money went? This 34K. It went towards gifts for my children. It went towards food that I hadn’t eaten in a while. I afforded myself a few luxuries that I wanted for a long time, so I could feel what it was like to no longer be poor. Just to let God know I wanted more of this good feeling. It mostly went towards myself and others. I gave a lot of it away. And it felt good to be able to give, for a change.

Because you see, money, is a result of service provided. And I know, between God and myself, that I have put in the loving service that is deserving not only of $33,999 dollars, but much, much, more.

And no one can deny me this. Because this wealth comes from within. It’s a matter of determining one’s own self-worth. I asked for this because it was (and is) deserved. For I have traveled far, and been through hell and back, not to have to go through it again with an internet troll who knows not what he does.

So I forgive you, Dearest “F”. I forgive you for your error. Don’t be hard on yourself, even if the world tells you that you fucked up. You should have reached out to me. Let this be a learning lesson. You were out to get me for some reason that has to do with your own past. Not me. Not directly, at least. Though my father and I may appear to be a good enough distraction, I am not the person you should be pointing your guns at. Because there are easier targets in this world that will not bring such a heavy-laden burden on your life, through the consequences that come from overstepping your bounds with me and my family, by calling out someone who has walked the walk, and done the work. You mock your own self in this act right here:

Indeed this article is a catastrophe.

As is the one you wrote, aimed directed at my 72 year-old father, who is a U.S. Retired Veteran, who was drafted during wartime, and served, so America can be free. Without ever talking back to those who protested his involvement, knowing he was selected in the draft. Make no mistake, you have disgraced yourself by writing this article, my friend.

My father worked on Unix Sun Systems when you weren’t even born.

And that’s why I say, you know not what you do. Forgive yourself. What’s done is done. You campaigned against my father, and me, without speaking to us directly. And this was your greatest error.

Let’s move on, now.

Here are the pages written for the Cardano Community on May 27th.

Here’s a link to the series in its entirety:

Here’s a link to the previous segment:



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