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Time to Make the Donuts (22/30)

Here’s my work. Where’s yours?

This marks my 22nd Medium article of the day. Because apparently people think I’m cheating the Cardano Community (At least one person who wishes to remain anonymous, does).

So I think how this is a Monday. People have been at work for a few hours, or maybe not, and they have produced absolutely nothing in comparison to this. Nothing.

All of you are sandbaggers. Let’s face it: you complain because by complaining this removes time from the day that you otherwise would have to dedicate to serving people, and that just doesn’t fly for the sandbaggers of this world. It’s alright. Statistics show how only say 5% of the employees at successful companies are the ones innovating. The rest just complain.

All day. They do nothing else. And it’s because the masculine energy of this world has been all but destroyed. I’m hanging on to it. It’s my lifeline. And it is what holds the universe together at this point. Because men are seen as pieces of shit that do nothing but harm women and talk about fucking as if it were sport. And I just nod my head while writing more and more, because who else is going to deliver? No one. No one fucking delivers anymore. And that’s fine. I’ll do the lot of the grunt work. But just remember — in this life — we get what we give. And I have given. And I expect huge returns. God knows. We have this accordance.

Here are my pages from June 14th, or what have you. I don’t care about the dates as much as I know I got the pages done. In case someone like this troll decided to come forth and call me out indirectly, like a fucking pussy would. Yes. Pussies call out others from afar, and hide.

This one’s for you, “F”.

“Hey “F” — when’s the last time you wrote 25 pages in a single day?” I ask. “Did you see I wrote these in June?”

“F” doesn’t reply.

“I thought so.” I said.

Here’s the book in its entirety:

And here’s the previous article for chisme’s sake:




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