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Photo by Michael Förtsch on Unsplash

News arrived on Friday the 13th. I was focusing on a new meditation system that ended up bringing me to a point of clarity where I ended up writing the most pages I have ever written in a day. In under three days, I wrote an entire novel. I am so grateful. And there’s a huge reason for this.

I had an experience on May 11th. The practice I was exploring presented a segment working with out-of-body experiences, specifically targeting the brain hemispheres in order to produce unity with brainwave function, in order to lift out of the body, to then go and explore.

Sounds wild, I know. I understand many recognize this as pseudoscience. That’s because not many have comparable experiences to what I have encountered in the past, which have included materializations of objects, lucid dreams, near-death experiences, and the unquestionable presence of the divine, with witnesses. While in dream state, I have perceived myself as outside of my body, in a state of complete and total bliss, without a worry in the world. A few years ago, through yogic principles, and long, deep, breathing, I found a way to tap into this state of expanded consciousness.

It was then that I decided to experience Ayahuasca, and see what would happen if I saturated my synapses with DMT and kept it cycling with the assistance of a monoamine oxidase inhibitor. From this entheogenic experience, I confirmed that consciousness is set in a construct, with boundaries and limits, formed largely by my thoughts, feelings, and belief systems, which are there to better label and make sense of things. Without them, one would fall into a hall of mirrors. There would be no more continuation, only an infinite feedback loop. So consciousness plays a crucial role in maintaining a peaceful state of being. It can also unhinge you by focusing on fear-based thoughts.

I got to see the inner workings of life, which was startling. I did not like what I was experiencing at first, at all, and as time passed, I became more comfortable with the idea that I could be living in a simulated construct, perhaps some form of augmented reality, where happiness depends on my thoughts, feelings, and convictions. That those elements would act like a videogame controller. Success with the game would entirely depend on how frequently I loved and served others with proper use of these controls.

Now all of this said, I can carry out a conversation with you, and you would never know any of this about me without me explaining it to you. My experiences with phenomena are difficult to believe. So I often try to appear as normal as anyone else. If you were to meet me, I would be perceived as a man with unique interests, and a stubborn streak, at times rude when it comes to grinding for solutions. That would be as far as speculation goes, unless I opened up to you, and I’m usually very reticent to share spiritual things with large groups of people. So understand that I do this as a means of expressing gratitude to the Cardano community and the divine powers at large that have helped me through some very difficult times. If anything, I would love for you to access these powers as well if you haven’t already.

Now that I’ve gone through this meditation sequence, I can colonize my thoughts to bring forth exactly what I want in my life. I accomplish this by surrendering to the process, 100%. I will be offering tips in the form of how you can fine-tune your life over the next 30 days. You can certainly count on that. I will surrender to the process.

And by surrender, I mean I plan to give in to the powers that exist beyond my physical body. I extend myself beyond that, first through thought and then through feeling, in order to connect with images and scenarios that I wish to entertain and add detail to, so they come forth in my real life experience. This is how I write. And this is how I will serve you best. And I will provide detailed examples.

On May 11th I entered a state of deep relaxation in which I asked for anyone who may be connected on this bandwidth to please guide me and give me help. I asked for the help, and received a response. I was told that I would receive the answer to my prayers in two days, so long as I kept my worrying to a minimum. I checked the date. That day of miracles would be Friday the 13th of May.

I agreed not to worry. So anytime worry presented itself between that night of the 11th onward, up until before I went to bed on the night of the 12th, I offered that worry to a bubble, and imagined the bubble encapsulating the fear and worry, now floating away, as if it were rising up from the bottom of the vast infinite ocean of the subconscious, while I rested, calm, and serene. Like I was in the womb. Off my worries went, all of them, and I’ve been continuing this practice every day since then.

So after I let those elements of fear go, I took in a deep inhale, and imagined all the good things I wished to see happen for my friends, family, and myself happening in real-time. Adding great detail to all the scenarios. I have been sending all this out in a big wave of love to all for several days in a row now. The results have been astounding.

On the morning of May 13th, I woke with my usual affirmations of telling myself I am worthy of receiving, and went on my way. I woke early, around 5am, and was up and tending to the garden by 5:15am, having fed the cats already.

My best friend has been hosting me at his house and we usually meet on Friday mornings to talk, as it helps us to formulate our business goals, and it is always an energizing meeting. This morning it was early so we agreed to take a drive.

We hopped in his truck, got hot beverages at Starbucks, and went cruising. It was a beautiful morning. Sunny and clear in New England, just a slight bite in the air that would soon go away and be replaced with what will become Summer heat.

He asked me how I was doing that morning, and I told him about my meditation and how I was going to get the answer regarding my prayers today.

I left it at that, and felt good and secure and content knowing that everything was in the best possible hands.

It is important to tell you that it was no more than two months ago when I was considering ending my life. I was at a point where I was being played with by my ex-wife where she was using our children to break me down. It’s been done hundreds of times over the last seven years. Uses them as a weapon, and there was this night where she did this with both my son and daughter, to where the Zoom call needed to be ended. It was so disturbing that it brought up prompters from the past of me losing my first daughter at childbirth, and how I promised myself how I would never go through this loss again, as it would kill me. So I started thinking about how I wished to end my life, and broadcasted my plans live. I was okay with the decision. I knew that I had given all to my children, to be with them, to no avail. I just kept asking why, and whenever that happens, in the moment I am a complete wreck, but over time, and through the calm that follows the storm, I realize I am being irrational and need to take time to reconsider everything I’m thinking, feeling, and saying. This has been my process for the last two months, and it has been extremely transformative. I have no need to return to the pangs of the past.

I said live on YouTube that if I didn’t figure out how to get to my children, and start making things move in the direction of success with my writing and with life in general, then in six month’s time I would take my life with poison. I ended the transmission, and the next morning I woke feeling revitalized with purpose. I knew I either would make this happen, or I wouldn’t make it.

I told my best friend that I would have this resolved in under three months, well before September.

I meditated continuously, and realized it was better to surrender entirely to my creative process. That is what I did. I started writing like crazy, publishing on Medium, and it led to me going deeper with this meditation system. If I had no foundation in yoga and meditation I likely wouldn’t have given it a try, and I’m so grateful that I did.

In deep focused meditation I received a message on May 11th that all answers regarding my prayers would come on Friday the 13th and continue thereafter with great acceleration and satisfaction.

An hour after my best friend and I returned from our morning drive, I got an email from the Cardano Catalyst community, explaining that the results from the recent funding election had come in.

Daggeurotype of Ada Lovelace by Antoine Claudet. Photo: Public domain.

Before I opened the file, I recalled telling myself to look at all things positively, as I was doubting myself and my proposal.

So I imagined, with all of my heart, having the project proposal I submitted funded. It would have required significant votes from the community, and the votes arrived. I am now sponsored by Cardano to write 30 articles in one month, while publishing articles by others, who wish to talk about the happenings in the community.

I do not wish to overshadow the importance of being selected by this community. Gratitude radiates in the heart of this message, so please feel it. This first article is to show you that through faith, anything is possible. That all options are available to you right now. Organized thought moves the process along in the right direction. Faith speeds things along. Doubt slams the brakes. You decide how quickly things shall move. For we are wishing things all the time. We just don’t tend to associate negative thoughts and feelings with wishes. It doesn’t register the same as a win. That’s the trick that most don’t understand. My intention is to help people through this.

That said, today marks the start of a great new journey. Hopefully my talk of out-of-body experiences didn’t scare you away. They were told for a reason, that sometimes we may extend beyond what we are capable of achieving with our two hands, and tap into forces never before seen.

I will have an opportunity to tell you more about this as time goes, but for now, let us celebrate what is happening in the Cardano community, shall we? And the way to do that is to attend a Town Hall meeting, which happens every Wednesday at UTC-17:00, and there are also opportunities to attend sessions entirely in Spanish on Thursdays. So please feel welcome to sign up. And all of these meetings are posted on YouTube as well, via IOHK’s official page.

Here is the schedule for your perusal:

You can expect at least one offering to publish per day, starting today.

And now, I wish to share with you an illustration that I made in honor of Cardano Foundation, and Ada Lovelace, on May 13th, the day my prayers were answered.

May all your wishes be fulfilled.


Sketch of Ada Lovelace — by William Vincent Carleton.



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