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What Crypto Has in Store for the Future

Discussing past and current trends, market volatility, and real-world applications of blockchain, including commentary from Charles Hoskinson.

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This is a second chance to do something really incredible for humanity. A decentralized Internet experience that places the power in the hands of the individual. What I imagine, is a future that works in service to people. It is a road to utopia — wide open.

Folks on Wall Street hear the word crypto and call it an exotic high-risk investment. They argue there’s a bubble.

With the Internet, folks saw there was a bubble in the 90s, and it burst. A significant percentage of those who invested got burned. A small percentage thrived. Those that succeeded were innovators that saw the Internet as something more than just a fad.

Businesses will come and go, while those that produce the best products and services remain.

Hostile takeovers happen. CEOs get fired. All things considered, if you stick at the grind for long enough, while releasing high quality products and services, your competition starts to buckle, and you win.

Back when everyone said the Internet would die, and wouldn’t be around for much longer, Amazon innovated, and thrived. So did Ebay, Paypal, Google, and a few others. Right now there are tens of thousands of altcoins out there, and 99% of them will die. For now, the coins in circulation will continue getting pumped and dumped, and slammed in the news. Whenever crypto is seen as a casino, the worry is about market price, and no one should be worrying. Developers should be left alone to create and build the architecture of the future.

The bottom line is: crypto isn’t going anywhere.

It has a 1T market cap, and yet people still repeat the same old rhetoric that it’s going to die, or it’s just a repetition of the dot-com bubble. This is a result of volatility, whenever uneducated individuals come into a system looking to make a quick buck. Unless you have millions already, this is likely not going to happen.

Crypto markets are volatile, and can remove your fortune in a day.

This will settle with time, as corporations and fiat-based entities start investing in this system that provides more transparency, verification, and security with transactions, without the need of a middleman. This will take time. Once again, those that innovate and serve communities with quality products and options over the ones currently available will survive, and become ridiculously rich as a result.

Things will improve once folks on Wall Street realize this is not the stock market. Things are actually being created here. It’s not a trading floor. It’s not a gambling system based on speculation and algorithms. At least it’s not with Cardano. There is actual technology evolving every single day through contributions of some of the most intelligent programmers and artists in the world.

The founder of Cardano, Charles Hoskinson, has seen crypto volatility at its worst over the last decade. He’s spoken about it dozens of times. He’s been embedded in the crypto-sphere since before Bitcoin was priced at one-dollar.

Recent market dips in crypto resulted in the demise of Terra (LUNA), which was a mess, and nothing unusual. Individuals lost a fortune in the matter of days. Also, to be expected when investing in such projects.

Here’s Charles Hoskinson, speaking more about current trends, encouraging folks to hold on. Lots of good tech coming down the pike.

As for the future, you can expect to see verification of users on social media, which will cut down on bullying and bots, and a number of other annoyances. Beyond that, in the physical world, blockchain will revolutionize the way voting systems are managed, eliminating corrupt ballots, in time.

Also in time we will see land deeds that aren’t arguable anymore. No more disputes when it comes to inheritances. Education that can be verified and tracked for folks to have a much more thorough hiring procedure, based on merit, not only who you know, nepotism, etc.

I see a fairer world, as a result of blockchain. I see those who have benefitted from taking advantage of others, being corrected. I see everyone finally being honest with one another. So many changes to come. So much goodness on the way, when it comes to systems that hold people accountable for their actions.

This and more, is all to come, thanks to crypto and blockchain.

Cheers to that.




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