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5 min readFeb 1, 2022


As Adbank enters its fourth year, it is important to reflect on how far we have come and take stock of the progress made despite some challenges along the way. Our core mission was to solve the problem of Ad fraud. If you are new to Adbank, watch this hilarious yet informative video to understand why Adbank was founded.

We are always working on giving our community members, who use the BLADE mobile app, a better experience. 2022 will feature the next phase of growth and launch of the self-serve platform where users will be able to launch their own tasks.

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Summary of Adbank’s progress in 2021:

You can find our last big roadmap update here. In this post, we outlined what has been achieved so far, and the goals for 2021.

2021 goals were:

● Focus on what is working-the Task marketplace

● Get Ecosystem working-Increased Blade user growth and build tech to support the same

● Extended Runway-completion of valuable tasks

You can see the 2021 roadmap here:

You can view all of our monthly and quarterly updates on our blog here.

Jon (CEO) Outlook:

2021 was all about narrowing our focus to what was working. The tech development has NEVER stopped with lots of new features added and a really impressive platform built by Conor and the team.

The most requested feature since the beginning of adbank (mobile apps) was launched and 2022 is going to see the next evolution with the launch of a self-serve platform.

Soon ANYONE will be able to launch a task on the adbank. We are excited to see the creative uses the community will find to incentivize.

There are some significant challenges in front of us…

● We have to solve the Ethereum gas cost issue which is resulting in many users of BLADE not receiving their ADB since the threshold to send ADB is so high.

● We need to get more mainstream adoption of people using the self-serve platform for micro-tasks

● The outlook for the crypto market as a whole is uncertain. We have weathered long bear markets before if that is what is coming.

2021 Opportunities and Challenges:

● Exited ECig Media

● Costs cut, runway stable into 2023+

● User growth for Blade

● Mobile apps went live

● Introduction of HODL rewards

● Tech-KYC-appeal functionality

2021 Highlights (media links/coverage)

● We experienced explosive user growth in 2021. Check out the dashboard for a live user count here

● Launched Blade app for Ios and Android

● Introduced HODL rewards

● KYC appeal functionality

Partnership with Uffsports

● Mention at Ayib jR

● Mention at Sumber Bitcoin ID

● Other mentions Mr. Rix Crypto, Crypto club

2022 What to Expect:

Key Areas of Business Activity:


The focus for 2022 is going to be twofold:

  1. The successful launch and growth of the task marketplace adding features, more tasks, scaling as more people use it, etc.
  2. Solving the issue of Ethereum transaction costs being too high!

See the roadmap image below.


You can see everyone on the team on the website at Once we have reached an amount of active daily users on BLADE, we will bring on a dedicated Sales Lead with industry experience and shift resources back to sales. For now, the team is working on aggressive user acquisition strategies.


In 2021we had months of infinite runway where the entity was breaking even. This was a huge milestone and was driven by tasks being completed on the task marketplace. With the launch of the self-serve platform, we look forward to many more tasks being completed!

Our runway model projects well into 2023+ at the current run rate/value. By reducing costs in key areas, we are able to focus on top performing areas like the Task Marketplace.

The increasing rate of profitable Tasks has also affected this runway in a very positive way! Unlike the last few years, the community is completing tasks that are valued by advertisers… This has opened up a world of opportunities for us to continue to extend our runway.

Sales and marketing:

We have been seeing truly amazing user adoption and because BLADE users are Task Marketplace participants, we are seeing the Task Marketplace become the key focus area of the Adbank ecosystem. Referral rewards and Hodl bonus are now a permanent fixture. This aims to reward our loyal BLADE users.

In addition, once the self-serve platform is launched, marketing initiatives will be geared towards promotion of the same, BLADE and Task Marketplace.

In 2022, we shall see increased marketing initiatives including on our YouTube channel. We shall be sharing more content in light of our mission and what is happening in the industry.

The 2022 Roadmap


Promotion, Marketing & Technology

The referral promotion has taken off and the feedback is great. Referral promotion and hodl rewards will now be a permanent fixture! We will continue to run the referral and hodl promotion so that our loyal BLADE supporters can earn extra ADB rewards.

Marketing efforts for BLADE and Adbank will continue. Most of the marketing initiatives will focus on the new self-serve platform. This will lead to user acquisition for both BLADE and the greater Adbank network. Find out how Blade and Adbank work in this blog post.

The team will undertake regular tech updates to continue providing improved user experience for the Task Marketplace. Any fixes will be implemented as needed throughout 2022.

The BLADE Marketplace:

The long-awaited self-serve platform will see an accelerated launch of micro-tasks that will drive the token ecosystem in 2022.

The team will also investigate competitive task pricing and gas solution(sidechain).

Bug Fixes:

Nothing is ever perfect, so we plan to have the resources available to quickly fix any bugs or issues that surface throughout the year.

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