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Adbank Weekly AMA — April 12, 2018

Every week the Adbank team answers questions submitted by the community through our Google form. We weren’t able to do our regular livestream update this week so CEO Jon Gillham answered questions here on the blog.

Q: How come Adbank has been taken off Coinmarketcap?

A: The CoinMarketCap issue earlier was a simple technical issue on their side that has since been corrected. We were also able to get our circulating supply corrected after sending a few requests via their form.

When they updated the circulating supply for some reason we were mistakenly set to inactive. We communicated directly with them and they quickly confirmed this was an error and we were back up in approximately 12hrs or so. CMC gets a bad wrap for being slow with communication but they were very prompt with fixing the error and our circulating supply is now also fixed plus being monitored directly which is great!

Much of the significant communication between Jon and CMC was shared on the Telegram group in realtime as people were very interested in the issue.

Q: When will mystery advisor be announced? Any news on the youtube ads? Will future acquisitions only be made after the current one has been ported to the ADB network?

Advisor — The mystery advisor will be announced soon, we will not have an exact date until meeting with this advisor next week. Due to their high profile in the media, we needed to time the launch of the advisor with this person’s press schedule.

YouTube Ads — We have put the YouTube ad campaign on hold for the moment due to the restraints that Google (YouTube’s parent company) has put on cryptocurrency advertisements. Until we can get confirmation that YouTube will allow our campaign we cannot be sure this will be an effective use of funds. We’ll be working with our Google rep to see if there is a way to advertise while meeting their new rules & guidelines. If this is not possible then we will shift funds to other marketing initiatives.

Future Acquisitions — Future acquisitions deal flow is continuing now. It’s important that we learn as much as possible from this first conversion before executing our next deal but continue to actively seek out networks that meet our criteria. If the right deal comes along now we are in a position to execute on it. We’re also using business cases from the first acquisition to create a new ad network that will be announced in the coming weeks.

Q: Does Adbank compete with its rivals? When is Adbank going to be listed on a big exchange?

A: Check out our blog post on Why Adbank Doesn’t Compete With Other Ad Networks to learn more about how we are very focused on being a payment platform layer for the digital advertising world. Our goal is not to be the biggest/best ad network but to help facilitate the move of ad tech onto the blockchain with reduced fraud.

Sorry, we cannot comment on anything regarding unannounced exchange listings due to securities laws and all major exchanges have very strict policies against discussing listings before going live.

Q: What marketing efforts are planned for the short term?

A: The next month will have Adbank speaking at conferences in Amsterdam, Prague, Abu Dhabi as well as a presence at the Consensus conference in NYC in May. We recently signed on MoU with an exciting company in the crypto space for a partnership and have our first publicized ad campaign pilot on the beta platform underway. We are also preparing to launch our crypto-specific ad network for Summer 2018 and are busy preparing the branding and establishing initial partners for phase 1.

There are two components to our marketing strategy right now:

  1. High Level Connections — Kelsey and Angelo are on a relentless travel schedule connecting and setting up partnerships/deals with the largest players in the space. When Kelsey can finally share some of the details about her partnerships the community will be blown away.
  2. Crypto Focused Ad Network — The challenge with communicating to the wider crypto community is that projects that are launching ICO’s have a lot of money to spend to be loud. We need to find a way to be much more efficient and aligned with the business goals of growing ADB volume through ad networks. Because of these constraints and the opportunity Facebook/Google have handed to us by banning crypto ads we are launching a crypto focused adbank powered ad network which will achieve… 1. Drive ADB volume inside an ad network, 2. Increase awareness of Adbank with the promotion of the ad network to attract ad network customers and as a result will make more people in crypto aware of Adbank.

Adbank will never be the “loud” or “hype train” style project. We will stay VERY focused on driving true ADB token volume through its ad networks whether they are Adbank started, acquired or converted. We know this is the strategy that is best for the long term and have been very consistent with this messaging.

Q: Hey guys! Could we have someone from team who list all the upcoming events etc on Coinmarketcal and similar sites?

A: Yes, we have had things listed on there in the past. The challenge we have is that we can not list anything that doesn’t have an almost 100% chance of occurring. The standards we hold ourselves to can limit some activities and posting “planned” activities can cause problems for Canadian projects by creating an expectation of price movement.

Q: I noticed that the Adbank profile on was removed late last night. Can you guys provide some information on this?

A: See above regarding the CoinMarketCap issue that was resolved.



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