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April Monthly Update

What an exciting month — BLADE launched!

  • Tech
  • Team
  • Runway
  • Marketing / Sales

Jon (CEO) Outlook:

Some of the top lessons since the launch of BLADE

  • BLADE is working as expected with only manageable bugs.
  • Priorities for the next stages of development are identified with no significant surprises.
  • Anti-fraud systems were tested and held strong by filtering out fraudulent impressions. KYC verification required before withdrawal has removed the economic incentive for fraud.
  • Advertisers are slower than anticipated in adoption, many want more data before they sign on.
  • The value of the specific impressions we’re selling to advertisers is unknown and potentially too low.

Key Areas of Business Activity Quick Update:


  • BLADE is working as expected: Congrats to the dev team on rolling out an amazing Chrome extension!
  • Priorities for development: A few of the consumer facing updates we have in the short term roadmap are:
  • Anti-fraud systems were tested and held strong: Several attacks were detected in April. The team handled them easily and did not cause any impact to service. Fraud detection and mitigation is a huge priority!
  • You can see one of the BLADE repositories the team is working on here — BLADE Extension.


Financial / Runway

  • We are executing on plan in terms of costs and the model continues to push into 2021
  • BLADE at 10k installs and $5CPM allows for increased development velocity and more importantly increased paid customer acquisition
  • The number of impressions per user are slightly below original estimate
  • The value of the impressions continues to be proved out but currently performance campaigns performing below expectation. These performance campaign performances will influence what we can charge advertisers on a CPM basis.

Sales & Marketing

Coverage/Mentions in April:

  • Non-English coin review, article, & contest — launching early May
  • Blockchain magazine feature story — TBD
  • 5 Youtube sponsored promotions, from 9k to over 300k
  • Youtube feature video — 3.7k
  • FaceBook live with a large crypto community — TBD

Progress Against Core Objectives Update:



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