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4 min readApr 19, 2022


This is the most exciting news you will hear this April.

In the words of our CEO, “there are lots of reasons to be optimistic moving forward. With the gas issue solved, Blade, which is primarily used on mobile will become a true Web3 application. The self-serve platform will also drive continued adoption of our task marketplace.” At Adbank, we not only solve problems but also provide solutions.

If we were to survey to find the most challenging issue that faces Blade users, the high cost of gas would feature prominently! The high cost of transactions meant that you had to perform so many tasks and refer a lot of people before your ADB got automatically after reaching 10x the cost of transactions. Whereas performing more tasks and referring more people will earn you more ADB, you will not be required to reach a certain threshold to earn ADB!

As the ‘good’ professor of the popular TV series, ‘La Casa de Papel’ would say, “this is where polygon network solution comes in.” Polygon, situated on layer 2 of Ethereum, has allowed us to eliminate the reward threshold and send rewards instantly upon task verification to users for 10,000x (times) less gas than the Ethereum Mainnet. Let’s understand how this works and how we reached here, shall we?

The number of people using the Ethereum blockchain has grown leading to capacity limitations thus driving up the cost of transactions. Scaling, allows a network to cope with the influx of high numbers of transactions. Scaling aims to increase the speed of transactions implying faster finality and increasing transaction throughput (higher transactions per second) without compromising the effectiveness or security of the network.

Scaling can be on-chain which requires a change in Ethereum protocol (layer 1 Mainnet) or can be executed off-chain. Off-chain solutions do not require changes to the existing Ethereum protocol. The Ethereum layer 2 solutions, such as the one that Conor has implemented, derive their security from Layer 1 Ethereum consensus.

Enough with the technical briefing! What are the next steps now that the much-awaited gas solution has been found? You might be wondering what will happen to your earned ADB? Relax, we have got you covered. Your earned ADB will be transferred when you perform the next task and it gets verified. However, your ERC20 Blade wallet need not be linked to an exchange. Update your wallet address to one that is not linked to an exchange.

In addition, referral rewards will still be applicable. Earn 10% of the ADB amount the people you refer with your link earn. Remember only KYC-verified users will be able to perform tasks and earn rewards as has been the case. It’s time to accumulate more ADB through referrals! Hold rewards will be integrated into the polygon network in due course.

No changes are affecting the Beta Partner (Blade Self-serve platform) where individuals can launch microtasks. You will be at liberty to deploy your earned ADB to the Self-serve platform, (to grow your social media platforms), to gift to your family and friends, or for any other use you would prefer.

Stay tuned for the upcoming Self-serve platform signup promotion. Create your Beta Partner account and familiarize yourself with its capabilities ahead of the upcoming mega promotion.

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