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BLADE Everywhere

A roundup of DIY methods to use BLADE on Android, iOS, Opera and more!

Apr 25, 2019 · 2 min read

Using BLADE on an Android device

If you want to use BLADE on your Android phone or tablet, there’s a simple way to make that happen!

A big thank you to our community member for authoring this tutorial! If you found it helpful, say thanks by using his referral code :) You’ll find it in the tutorial below:

If you’re looking for a Portuguese tutorial, a big thank you to our community member for making this Youtube tutorial! If you find it helpful, use her referral code in the video description:

Using BLADE on MacOS & iOS

The easiest option is obviously to use Chrome or Opera as your browser on your MacOS device. There are tutorials out there to convert Chrome extensions to Safari or Firefox extensions for your MacOS devices as well if you prefer. These can be little more involved so do your own research!

Unfortunately there are not currently any iOS mobile browsers that support Chrome extensions at this time. We’ll update this space when they become available!

Using BLADE on Opera

This tutorial from Opera was shared in our Telegram channel by our amazing community members. For those who are using the Opera browser, it is quite easy to install Chrome extensions! Note that this will work for the desktop version of Opera. Opera Mini and Opera Touch for iOS and Android do not support extensions.

Find out how to do it from Opera themselves.


We’re very excited that our amazing community has brought together all of these amazing tutorials so that more people can use and enjoy BLADE! Unfortunately we can only provide tech support for the official Chrome extension.

  • You can find the BLADE FAQ’s here
  • If you are experiencing an issue, please reach out to the team at

Media Coverage:

There has been lots of exciting media coverage of adbank & BLADE in the last few months! In case you missed it, here are some of the highlights:

adbank blog

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