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Development Partners Announced, Team Re-Org Finalized

Two development partners are officially announced and a big welcome to Ahmed to his official role with adbank!

This is the final phase of the reorg of the team that began last fall.

Fodé — during his time at adbank he conquered his scope, set the team up for success, and we are now ready for him to move on to his next challenge.

Fodé is one of the most impressive individuals we have had the pleasure of working with. He has a PhD in computer science with a speciality in machine learning from one of the top schools in the world; yet this all pales in comparison to his incredible life story. His role at adbank as tech lead and architect was to further map out the executability of the roadmap defined in the whitepaper, and then by Joni.

Fodé executed his scope flawlessly, and the team at adbank are set up for success in the next phase in a way that anyone other than Fodé could not have delivered. At this stage in the plan, there is now a need for Fodé’s role to evolve over the next 12 months to focus on the development team.

His skills are undeniable and were critical to adbank, but as a PhD level employee he is not personally involved in the development work that needs to take place in this next phase. As we now focus on development of the plan laid out by Joni, architected by Fodé, it is time to focus adbank resources on executing and deploying development work.

Team in Place for the Development Phase

For this next phase, with Conor as the Development and Tech Lead, along with the development partners, we are ready to get going!

Here at adbank, we have always known that Fodé would not be with us forever because people with the intellect and skill of Fodé work in high level positions such as lead architect, which sets the stage for the rest of the team to carry out the development phase. Both adbank and Fodé are thrilled with the achievements accomplished together and are now ready to move on to the next phase of the project. We have never seen someone receive more head hunting outreach messages and offers from the biggest companies in the world — it is a true testament to Fodé’s integrity and investment in the projects that he choses and we know that the effort he has invested in adbank has set us up for incomparable success.

Jon Gillham (CEO) is presenting Dr Fodé Touré (Lead Architect) with a photograph of the Town of Collingwood, where adbank is based and where Dr Touré and his family have lived during his time with the adbank team.

For those that have been following adbank, this will not be a shock as it follows our process of pulling in the right people at the right time to execute each phase of the project.

  • Joni — industry insider user stories and roadmap
  • Fode — brilliant architect
  • Conor — lead developer

Conor Promoted — Tech Lead

Conor will continue to act in the capacity of lead developer and will now take on the added responsibility of tech lead. Conor and the team will be updating one of several repo’s related to BLADE development here.

Conor has quietly been the secret sauce that has helped us execute all deliverables on schedule. He is a diligent and hilarious team member who you will likely not see on an AMA because he doesn’t like that sort of thing.

If you didn’t know: he has been with us from the start!

Introducing Ahmed — DevOps Engineer

Ahmed has been with us since the beginning in various roles ensuring the wheels stay on when it comes to everything dev ops and AWS related. Ahmed is a lightening fast and thorough employee, and has been a true joy to work with as adbank has grown.

Official Development Partners: — Daniel Shapiro CTO at Lemay AI has been an advisor with adbank from the start and he and his team executed the AI/patent work. They will continue to be a key part of the team moving forward and we have regular discussions gearing up for the next development effort.

Axon Development Group — Adbank’s development partners from Axon have been with us since February 2018 and have had anywhere from 9–15 developers working on delivering adbank 1.0 and now working on BLADE. We are pleased to announce the official development partnership between Axon and adbank moving forward.

All Staff

To see all of the adbank staff and advisors, you can check out the official site here (scroll down!).

We hope our continued transparency around development milestones, staff changes, and weekly AMA’s keep the adbank community informed and up to date with how things are progressing.

We understand that it can be sad or surprising to see some truly excellent people go from the “staff section” to the “advisor section” or move on to new projects. But rest assured, these are not losses, but the utilization of highly skilled individuals for what they are excellent at and when they are needed in the adbank project.

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