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Find out how adbank and Skeinera will be working together

A partnership between two unique crypto projects

Adbank is thrilled to announce a partnership with Skeinera! This will be a great benefit to both communities. The early stages of every project are exciting and Skeinera is at that point right now. This is the time where bonds are made, where trust is gained, where communities are cultivated. We at Adbank were familiar with the team of Skeinera and we are pleased to be working with them for the first time.

Who is Skeinera

Skeinera is a cryptocurrency project with its own very specific platform called SKEIN, currently undergoing a huge update and a swap for the upcoming SKEIN later this year. SKEIN will bring lots of new opportunities for Skeinera itself and its community.

Skeinera sees tokenization as the future in the crypto world, and that’s where it will put its focus on. STO is a new form of investing in blockchain projects by offering tokenized valuable assets.

Skeinera Ltd is located in Hi Tech Park in Belarus, the place crypto startups want to be! Hi Tech Park (HTP) is a co-working style campus and incubator that houses some of the most innovative and future-thinking startups in Belarus.

Resident companies of the Belarus Hi-Tech Park are exempt from all corporate taxes, including VAT and profit taxes, as well as custom duties. But, we know that competitiveness is not based on taxes and costs alone but on knowledge, innovation and highly qualified human resources. The local orders and decrees allow partner companies to take full advantage of our services and receive all the preferences from a partnership with Skeinera.

Skeinera consist of 5 full-time members and a number of open source developers, who dedicate most of their time building, maintaining and growing this project. Skeinera’s well known foundation is their clear and consistent communication, a very well informed community is a happy community, hence the dedication of its team to keep every single member well informed and updated.

What is the partnership

Adbank is excited to partner with Skeinera on a multi-phase test of the adbank platform, including the Task Marketplace. The adbank platform consists of several branches, all based on adbank’s Ethereum-based blockchain system that utilizes the ADB token to transparently show advertisements. Learn more about the different parts of adbank here:

Skeinera will be testing various parts of the adbank platform, including BLADE and the new Task Marketplace. This partnership and testing will run in several phases and we are excited to get started on phase one.

“Skeinera believes that together with Adbank it can showcase some of the blockchain use cases that can benefit not jut ourselves, but everyone around us.” — Marko, Skeinera

Find out more and follow Skeinera:


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