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Apr 17, 2018

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Former Twitter VP Joins Adbank Advisor Board

One of Adbank’s goals is to form relationships with major publishers to help them realize the potential Blockchain brings to their businesses by unlocking the lost revenue caused by overinflated fees by ad tech middlemen and ad fraud.

Today we are taking a huge leap towards that goal with the announcement of our new advisor Kirstine Stewart, former VP of Media at Twitter, the first female head of the CBC (Canadian Broadcasting Corp) and Chief Strategy Officer at Diply, one of the Internet’s most popular viral content sites. She will assist the Adbank team with their publisher acquisition strategy.

In addition to being employee #1 at the Twitter Canada office, Kirstine was instrumental during her time at the CBC in the creation of several hit TV shows including Dragon’s Den, the inspiration for ABC’s Shark Tank.

Kirstine recently joined the leadership team at TribalScale as president & CRO, a global tech firm that executes startup-style innovation for corporations that want to gain a competitive edge with tech. TribalScale has worked with companies such as ABC, Bloomberg, CIBC and more.

The future is looking bright for Adbank and this is still only the beginning. The recently-released Adbank beta continues to on-board new publishers and advertisers daily and the team is moving at a steady pace to continue laying the foundation for a successful 2018.

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