Hope for the crypto industry through fund support as Adbank continues to provide value in the social media space

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3 min readNov 29, 2022


This blog highlights the latest news in the crypto space

The internet is littered with fear and after-effects following the collapse of the FTX exchange. While the crypto industry is still in winter, any positive news is welcome to investors and all eyeing to venture into the crypto space.

It is against this backdrop that Binance will devote a BUSD 1 Billion fund to help in the recovery of ailing projects. However, this would not be an ‘investment fund’ but a fund to support companies and projects facing financial strains in the short run through no fault of their own. The fund is dubbed Industry Recovery Initiative (IRI).

Bybit has joined Binance by establishing a $100 million fund to support institutional clients during this trying period in crypto. Bybit will offer up to $10 million to new and existing market makers on its platform. In addition, dedicated account managers will also benefit.

Elsewhere, Russia mulls launching a national cryptocurrency exchange. This development is reportedly supported by the Ministry of Finance and the Central Bank of Russia. Members of the lower chamber of parliament, Duma, have been discussing amendments to the existing crypto legislation. The amendments will lay the legal framework for the national exchange and will first be presented to the Central Bank.

Back in Africa, the Crypto Hub Africa has concluded plans to unveil its premier edition of the African Crypto Giants (ACG) Awards to deserving individuals and organizations in Nigeria and Africa at large.

Globally, more and more companies are finding ways to leverage blockchain to make their core processes and operations, as well as those of their clients secure and efficient. For example, Adbank launched the Blade Beta Partner (the self-serve platform) to help individuals grow their social media fast, with real (KYC-verified) followers or subscribers.

More and more individuals are joining the Adbank community, downloading the Blade app, and performing simple tasks to accumulate ADB as the next phase in crypto unfolds. In addition, Blade users earn bonus ADB by referring their family and friends through their Blade referral link.

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