Introducing the Adbank Platform Beta & Radical Transparency In Digital Advertising Payments

We are very pleased to announce the launch of our beta platform on schedule! Some of you have seen the previews but now you can see it for yourself.


We are providing a lot of support for the initial beta testers so whether you are an advertiser or a publisher, please reach out if you are interested.

This beta demonstrates the first step in Adbank’s technical innovation by using our payment protocol to bring much-needed transparency to the display banner ad market.

A Big Thanks To The Dev Team

The development team have hustled hard the last few months to get to this point with an impressive 130 commits a week on the Adbank GitHub!

Special thanks to Dr. Fodé Touré with key team members, Thomas Spangler, Marc Spicer, Conor Watt, William Carroll for the beautiful UX/UI design and our external team for their added support.

Direct Payments From Advertiser To Publisher

It has become very clear from discussions with the biggest brands to solo entrepreneurs; that both advertisers and publishers deeply want to have transparency of payments between advertisers and publishers.

Advertisers and publishers completely understand that the ad tech middle men should take a fee for providing a service but the lack of transparency to date has been a major pain point.

The Adbank beta platform introduces radical transparency with payments flowing direct from the advertisers ADB wallet to the publishers ADB wallet within the ad network.

No one will ever wonder again what percentage of the cut is going to them!

Reduced & Transparent Fees

Anyone can now use the beta code developed to create their own ad network using the Adbank token/smart contract with the code base developed for beta.

When they do so they can select what commission their network will take on orders and that amount will be transparent for all to see.

This radical transparency and direct payments from advertiser to publishers is the first step to a cleaner digital advertising ecosystem.

The screenshot below shows the Payments section of the platform where you can see full transparency of payments between advertisers and publishers.

What’s Next For Adbank?

The UX/UI is polished, the network is ready for advertisers and publishers but remember we are just getting started and will have several challenges on the road ahead.

The name of the game now is to test & learn so we can lay the groundwork for scaling to the next level as quickly as possible. We remain obsessed with our primary goal: to drive the true utility usage of the ADB token for digital advertising.

New Roadmap Coming on April 4

We are excited to share our new roadmap outlining key development and business milestones for 2018 this Wednesday.

We will adjust course accordingly throughout the coming weeks and months as we gain new insights in this emerging landscape.