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Reward Distribution FAQ’s

What is the minimum threshold for withdrawal? What are gas fees? Learn how rewards work and when yours will be distributed to your wallet.

There are several ways to earn free ADB rewards with the BLADE app and browser extension:

Your ADB rewards are tracked in your BLADE account and are automatically sent to your wallet once they meet the minimum threshold.

When will rewards be released to my wallet?

To reduce gas costs, we have set a minimum threshold for withdrawal. Your rewards will be distributed to your wallet once they have reached a threshold of 10x the current Ethereum gas cost. This is an automatic transaction.

For example, if the current cost of gas is equivalent to $3, you would need to have the equivalent of $30 in ADB in your BLADE account.

What are gas costs?

Gas is a required fee to complete the transaction of sending ADB to your wallet. This fee is paid by adbank and is in addition to your ADB rewards.

Based on the previous example, if you have the equivalent of $30 in ADB in your BLADE account, adbank will pay the equivalent of $3 to send your rewards to your wallet.

What is the current gas cost for Ethereum?

Gas fees fluctuate constantly. You can view current gas fees here. You can view the minimum amount of ADB required to automatically transfer to your wallet in your BLADE app or extension at the top of the “Rewards” section.

How do I earn more ADB?

The most efficient way to earn ADB rewards is with Referral Rewards. You will earn 10% of your referrals earnings for life.

For example, if you have 100 referrals and they all complete a task worth 50ADB, you will earn 500ADB.

You can learn more here:

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