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Summer 2021 Tech Update

What’s new for BLADE, the Task Marketplace

We’re excited to announce the next big update to BLADE:

Sample email notification.

KYC Appeal Functionality

New users will now be able to appeal a failed KYC through an easy to use form, and resubmit their KYC quickly and easily!

If a new user fails KYC for incorrect KYC information, they will receive an email explaining why they failed, and a button where they can immediately request to resubmit their KYC.

KYC Appeal Form

The user will be directed to a form where they can request to resubmit their KYC information.

Once the user submits their email address in the form, their previous KYC submission will be removed and they will be able to resubmit their KYC with the correct information.

How it works:

  1. User submits KYC and fails
  2. User receives an email stating that they failed.
  3. User clicks the button on the bottom of the email to appeal it.
  4. User is redirected to the appeal form where they enter the email they used to submit KYC.
  5. KYC and KYC images are removed from the system so the user can resubmit KYC.

Note that existing users who wish to appeal their KYC submission will need to email the team directly at, include “KYC appeal” in the subject line and provide your BLADE ID.

ICYMI: catch up on everything that’s new for BLADE and the Task Marketplace!

Get the app at and check out the new updated website!

If you’ve been wanting to take BLADE on the go with you, now you can with the app! The new BLADE has everything in one place, by integrating the Task Marketplace into the app! You can view available Tasks and complete them right in the app, making earning ADB easier than ever.

The BLADE dashboard is live! The Dashboard provides transparency for all aspects of the BLADE ecosystem. Find it here:

PLUS: HODL Rewards are live now! Find out how to earn up to 50% more:

Join our Telegram community where you’re able to ask questions and meet the team! Join Our Community Here.




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