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It is time to grow your business and personal brand with real followers who can connect with you and what you do. Why wait for years to achieve the number of followers, tweets, shares, or subscribers when you can achieve that in a few days and cost-effectively?

The problems that many people face while growing their social media include:

· How to track results.

· How to build a loyal following.

· Inadequate resources.

With the self-serve platform, these challenges will be a thing of the past! You can now define entries (tasks you would like accomplished) and when you need to run them. All you need is a good strategy and the self-serve platform will help you achieve the results you set out to achieve e. g grow your YouTube following to 10,000 Subscribers! KYC verified Blade users will perform your task(s) and you can track progress in real-time!

How to get started with the self-serve platform:

i) Click this link to register (create a strong password & keep your login details safely).

ii) Once you sign up, you will receive a welcome message in your email.

iii) Click the link in your welcome email to access your account.

iv) To be able to create a task, you need to deposit some ADB

v) Click deposit funds

vi) You will be prompted to install Metamask or log in if you have it installed.

vii) Fund Your account

viii) Define the tasks you want to run, and the time you want them to start running.

ix) Tasks will be reviewed and when approved you can track progress,

Stay tuned for more communication on the same on all our social media platforms.

Click this link to get create your account on the self-serve platform. Earn #freecrypto with the #BLADE app.



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