Verasity Partners With Adbank To Bring Video Ads On The Blockchain

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2 min readMay 19, 2018


Adbank is proud to announce a new partnership with Verasity, a video-sharing platform enhanced with blockchain technology, with a plan to bring video ads on the blockchain.

“Video is one of the most effective mediums for advertising, both online and off, but it’s also a space that’s ripe for further disruption. Adbank is thrilled to partner up with Verasity to give their content creators another way to monetize, backed by their unique Proof of View™ technology.

Faking video views makes organized crime millions of dollars a day and this partnership is a leap forward to providing the transparent experience advertisers and video creators deserve.” — Angelo Dodaro, co-founder & CMO of Adbank

Verasity will provide accurate and secure metrics with every view through their patent pending Proof-of-View (POV™) blockchain technology, built to prevent fake views, stops bots and fraudulent activity.

Key investors of Verasity include a number of angel investors and family offices who have experience backing video technology and adtech businesses, including Black Green Capital.

“It is important to work with transparent and effective advertising partners with similar ideologies. Through our partnership with Adbank, their blockchain advertising platform will provide a great source of revenue and liquidity, which will benefit the Verasity community members who opt into view ads on our platform.” — Chris Gale, Co Founder of Verasity

The alignment both companies have on their mission, values and goals makes it a great partnership to explore how these two powerful platforms can work together to solve problems like ad fraud and a severe lack of transparency.

Verasity is also running an ad campaign on Adbank’s crypto ad network to raise awareness for their upcoming ICO which launches on 21st May.

About Verasity:

Verasity is a next-generation video sharing platform. Verasity will provide accurate and secure metrics with every view through their patent pending Proof-of-View (POV™) blockchain technology.

Proof-of-View (POV™) prevents fake views, stops bots and fraudulent activity. This establishes a new direct value exchange between content creators, viewers and advertisers. Viewers can then choose to pay content owners to watch their content or they can choose to watch the advertisements to earn VERA.

About Adbank:

Adbank is a powerful online ad platform built on the Ethereum blockchain to remove middlemen that take up to 70% of all ad revenue & dramatically reduce the $50 billion problem of ad fraud using patent pending anti-fraud AI technology.

By using the Adbank platform, publishers can get paid more for their content while charging advertisers less and creating a transparent ecosystem that benefits all key stakeholders in the industry.



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