Grinding on a Budget

What’s up you beautiful sons of degenerates! It seems like new subscriptions and tools are popping up left and right these days as DFS gains more and more popularity.

There certainly are some tools for MLB DFS that I am willing to pay for but there’s also quite a bit of free resources out there that I want to highlight for you. They are just as good as many of these paid tools if you’re willing to put in a little effort and learn the sport and not just click optimize to get a lineup.

Free MLB DFS Research Tools

I’ll take you through some of my favorite MLB DFS tools that are 100% free and won’t cost you a penny as long as you already own a computer and internet connection which I’m assuming you do because somehow I got you here to read this article.

Add More Funds

Let’s start with the obvious elephant in the room, shall we? We are a 100% free advice site with some sharp minds here to help you out. Not me, other people. I mean we have the one and only Dongfather himself (Steve Repsold) who dedicates his entire day researching dicks, err dongs just for your benefit. He’s seen all lengths and types and knows what he’s looking for.

Beyond our expertise in dick jokes, we have several others that will be here posting about MLB DFS for your benefit including myself. If you are going to read one article and one article only, you may want to skip over mine but if you are going to read a few, well I’d be honored if I can suck up 10 minutes of your time every now and then.

MLB Savant — Statcast (link)

Statcast Search

This might be one of my favorite tools out there. It gives you the ability to look at so much. It can be overwhelming if you’re not sure what to search but don’t worry, we’ll often refer to it when doing our research and I’m sure we’ll have a few tutorials soon on how to use this tool more effectively in your MLB DFS research process.

The power of the custom search is really awesome. You can see how certain batters perform against RHP who throw 80 to 85 mph sliders. Great tool for diving deeper on a good match up to single out the batters who you want to hone in on for your plays from that team.

FanGraphs (link)


I became a little obsessed with FanGraphs last year. But that obsession allowed me to figure out how to use the Custom Leaderboard save option to speed up my research process on pitchers. When you create a free account, you get the ability to save reports with custom columns of stat information and even filter it down by the handedness of the batter for the pitcher.

I could go on and on and on and on about how awesome of a tool and resource this is to use. So I’ll just do an entirely separate piece on FanGraphs and how you can maximize its potential to your advantage through custom saved searches but also custom dashboards for player searches to so you can put the information you want right up front.

Other Sites

We’re not the only site out there, I get it. You’ve had previous relationships. But guess what? We’re cool with it… for real. We don’t mind if you visit other sites here and there. Shit, some of them have nice junk to look at and we look at them too.

In fact, it’s pretty wise to look at quite a bit of sites to get a feel for where the rest of the industry is on a player. If you see someone being mentioned everywhere, good chance he could be chalk. There’s great information you can get from viewing a lot of different sites. I can’t possibly list them all but here’s some of my personal favorites:

  • Roto Grinders — Definitely look at Kevin Roth’s weather report but lot of other good info can be obtained through their free tools as well.
  • Fantasy Labs — Their models aren’t free but they are a wonderful resource for news and lineup information. They post free slate breakdowns as well.

Did I leave off a free resource that you like to use for your MLB DFS research? Pop in a note to share it with everyone else.