GPP Core for DraftKings 2/24 NBA Slate

Last night’s slate was a little bumpy.

There were a few who did okay from my core yesterday but there were enough lackluster results it prevented me from doing anything worthwhile.

Courtney Lee stole the show a bit from Rose and was draining every shot he could and ended the night on 25 points which certainly took away from where I thought Rose would end up vs Kyrie. Rose was non existent in the 2nd quarter of last night.

Game flow breakdown from Popcorn Machine.

Boogie and Brow found their way to 27 and 29 points respectively on the night. There was somewhat a staggering of minutes but Boogie played almost the entire 4th quarter while Brow only played a few. That span of time on the court certainly gave Boogie the most production. While Boogie certainly superseded my expectations, it will be interesting to see if it continues. I had hoped for 28+ minutes from Moore and unfortunately he saw just over 22 and barely delivered a 5x return.

I won’t dive too deep on these but it’s important to remember to review your lineups and see where you made mistakes and whether you were wrong to have that mindset. I think the Rose take was solid because I’ll never predict Courtney Lee to do what he did. I could have probably been a little more conservative with Moore though which could have spared me some upset.

But enough about last night, let’s move onto tonight’s slate.

Point Guard — Tyler Johnson $5,000

Went back and forth with Lowry and Johnson on who to list here. Both are very much in play and I’ll probably find a lineup with both. But let’s focus on Tyler Johnson for this section.

His price is back down to where we can enjoy 6x+ upside again and he has a good matchup tonight. Tyler comes off the bench when Dragic goes out about midway through the 1st quarter.

He is much more productive when he’s running with the second unit which is his normal rotation, though he does have some overlap. In his last five games based on his current price point, his lowest game was over 5x and hit 6x 3 times. I’d say he’s suitable for cash as well but it’s always a risk using a guy off the bench for cash.

On a 10 game slate tonight, it’s hard to imagine his ownership getting into the double digits.

Shooting Guard — Rodney Hood $4,000

Hood has missed the past 7 games with a right knee contusion and sprained LCL. He’s back tonight with no reported minute restrictions at this time per Fantasy Labs.

Before his last game with the Bucks where he was injured he was seeing minutes in the upper 20’s and sometimes 30’s. This is a pace up game and Tony Snell has allowed opposing shooters to score 1 point per possession on spot-up opportunities this year (per Labs).

If he was this price and not coming off injury he’d be a pretty safe play for cash as well but as always when a player comes of injury, it’s hard to know for sure what will happen. At 4k though I’m willing to take a shot here that he’ll be able to hit his ceiling in this matchup.

Small Forward — Dario Saric $6,400

Even before Noel was traded, Saric had established himself with a role on the Sixers. I debated back and forth with Noel or Covington for SF and wouldn’t blame anyone for going that route either. If you go the Covington route, I would suggest pairing with McConnell as the correlation between the two is massive.

Dario has seen his salary shoot up $2,000 since beginning of February but his price is still decent for the production he’s capable of. The price increase may hold some back but his last four games have all exceeded 6x even at his new price tag.

He’s seen over 30 minutes in his last two games but can produce even with more limited time on the court. With Embiid out and Noel gone, he’ll play just as big of a role if not bigger moving forward.

Power Forward —Blake Griffin $8,600

Last night for Griffin wasn’t a good night. He played almost 35 minutes but didn’t surpass 1 fantasy point per minute. His price is down even though the 8 games prior to the break he was averaging just over 50 DKP per game.

CP3 being out doesn’t change too much for Griffin but does give him a slight bump if he’s out. Taking on the Spurs probably isn’t the first place you look for players but with his price drop and average 50 DKP production, it is an intriguing spot to look for a GPP where he’s going to be very low owned.

Center — Marc Gasol $7,700

I’m staying away from the 10k+ guys. My first instinct was to go to Greg Monroe because of price but I just didn’t like the matchup vs Gobert.

Then I started trying to decide between the next two highest priced guys with Whiteside and Gasol. The matchup and opponents +/- was just more appealing and came with a $300 lower salary.

Gasol is averaging over 35 minutes his last 6 games with varying results but he looks to be in a good spot to get his double double bonus tonight with triple upside.

As always, keep an eye on late breaking news for these teams and players. I have a NBA list which has a lot of beat writers and news sources for this information.

Agree? Disagree? Have different plays? Post a response and let me know.