DFS Stacks — April 11, 2017

Hello and welcome to my first article on Medium.com. Medium makes me think of communicating with the dead and today I will try and profess onto all four of you who are reading this that Coors stacks are NOT dead! Anyhow, what I am trying to say here is that I will be giving you, my dear readers, a glimpse into the three stacks I like most for tonight’s slate.

Coors Field

Colorado Rockies

Let us begin with the aforementioned Colorado Rockies. These Rockies, play at a ballpark known as Coors field, which due to high altitude and thin air, allows the ball to travel a significantly longer distance than at other stadiums around this great country of ours.

Now, there was a time when I wouldn’t even have to mention such a standout spot as I would have thought it would be obvious that the players from the Rockies are in a very good spot today. But, due to recent struggles of this team offensively and the low ownership that they have carried lately, I want to tell you that this stack is the highest projected stack on every slate when they play at home and today especially when they are facing the ghost of Jared Weaver (see what I did with coming back to the ghost thing, yes, genius, I know).

Anyway, this Jared Weaver guy, allows 45–50% fly balls depending on handedness and most of these are hit very hard, judging by his hard contact rate of 30% vs lefties and a whopping 40% vs right handed bats. This is good for a place where those fly balls will fly further. In short, stack the Rockies!

Baltimore Orioles

The next stack I would like to discuss are the Baltimore Orioles. They are in Fenway Park today facing Drew Pomeranz. I am one that thinks Drew Pom, as I like to refer to him, has a pretty good arsenal of pitches. However, from everything I am reading, it seems like his arm is only attached to his body by a few, measly strings of skin. I am a fan of targeting pitchers that are facing this predicament.

Even if he is somehow effective, he will not be out there for long enough for us to worry about, and then we get the offensive juggernaut of the Orioles hitters vs the soft underbelly of the Red Sox bullpen which are their middle relievers. Manny Machado, Adam Jones, Mark Trumbo, Chris Davis, Beef Castillo and Craig Gentry (Fanduel) are all in play here and you can match them up to your hearts desire.

Philadelphia Phillies

Lastly, let me leave you with a stack I don’t think too many people will be on as they are facing one of the most popular pitchers on tonight’s docket. Philadelphia Phillies are squaring off versus Matt Harvey in their hitter friendly ballpark. I used to think Harvey was a great pitcher but ever since he has dealt with some injuries his stuff is no longer scary to me and I believe that at this point he is a pitcher to pick on rather than roster. Oh you are listening to all the touts out there that love him tonight and you don’t trust me, because, who am I really. Let us leave that existential question alone and let me throw some stats at you unbelievers.

Harvey is striking out only 18% of left handed batters, giving up a ton of fly balls and only 17% soft contact. This is not good in Phillies’ home park. What I am saying is that sure, he could get lucky and induce a bunch of harmless fly balls, but this works a lot better in Citi Field than it does in Philadelphia. Stack up the Phillies lefties kids!

This is all from me, thank you all for reading my ramblings and until next time!

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