#IAmAPreexistingCondition… illustrated!

A political hashtag debate in seven tweets

Many on Twitter rallied around hashtag #IAmAPreexistingCondition after news broke that Congressional Republicans passed the American Healthcare Act. As Mic puts it:

[it] strips the Affordable Care Act of many of its provisions, including its mandate that health insurance companies insure people with pre-existing conditions. It may lead to 24 million people losing their health insurance.

Most of the tweets are in opposition to the new healthcare act, but we’ve purposely selected voices from multiple sides of the political spectrum to give you all a sense of how the arguments are playing out on both sides, so to speak.

Original tweets via:
sphvcn (original tweet), blackk_patriots (original tweet), Maureen Shaw (original tweet), peidays306 (original tweet), Luis50993843 (original tweet), yourworlddaily (original tweet), NaturesEncore (original tweet).

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