Why we went for the Elastic License

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Protecting open source software

Open source software is essential to the modern world and has become an integral part of many aspects of life. It is created by an international network of developers who work together to make new code free for everyone to use and benefit from. This method of collaborative work has been responsible for some of the most groundbreaking advances in technology.

The rise of stronger OSS licenses

That is one of the reasons why the Elastic license was created. It is a strong open source license that provides protection against misuse of code and theft. This license is particularly effective at safeguarding the core ideas and concepts of the code. It also safeguards the authors of the original code against malicious changes to their code by others. Essentially, the Elastic license helps to ensure that open source code remains free and available for others to use and build upon.

It depends on what you are building

The fight is on.

Our case

With the “Add to Calendar Button” project, we were looking at a piece of software, which people really love to use, but actually nothing where a lot would want to contribute. This is due to many reasons. For the sake of this article, let’s simply accept that such a project is mainly driven by the core team.



Stories, Tutorials, and Insights on the Event Marketing SUPER WEAPON, boosting Newsletters, managing RSVP & more. Utilizing Add to Calendar technology.

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