Drugs, alcohol and mental health. Voices from the frontline.

Nov 12, 2018 · Unlisted

Every year millions of us are affected by problems with mental health, drugs, alcohol and self harm. Most of us know someone affected. One in six have personal experience.

Unfortunately not enough people are getting the help they need.

Addaction Voices explores new thinking around the big challenges affecting our sector and considers how we can deliver better support to more people. We do this by highlighting the perspectives of our people and their experiences on the front line of drugs, alcohol and mental health issues across Britain.

Who are Addaction

We’re a national public health charity. We help hundreds of thousands of people and families to overcome problems with alcohol, drugs, poor mental health, and self-harm. Last year we helped more than 130,000 people in England, Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland.

Our work is based in towns, cities, hospitals, prisons, schools, through outreach in people’s homes, with other local services, and nationally online via web chat and self-help advice.

If you need support

Chat to one of our trained advisors on our free, confidential webchat service. You can access webchat at addaction.org.uk/webchat.

All content on Addaction voices is licensed under creative commons.

For media enquiries please contact pressoffice@addaction.org or 0300 303 3442 (Out of hours: 079 6628 7949).

If you’d like to donate to support our work visit addaction.org.uk.

Addaction Voices

Mental health, drugs and alcohol. Voices from the frontline.



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    Addaction is one of the UK’s leading mental health, drug and alcohol charities. We believe everyone can change.

    Addaction Voices

    Mental health, drugs and alcohol. Voices from the frontline.

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